Nothings more Beautiful than you (completed)

it all started when they met at the park.


7. Chapter 7

Everyone pov

at the train station

Liam: Is everyone here

Everyone: yes

Louis: I did the honor of booking us 8 rooms. I'm sharing a room with emma. So each guy is paired with a girl. I have a list. Ok Liam and Gianna, Lainey and Niall, haley you get you own room. Mia and Lucas. Rebecca and josh, kaitlyn and Dylan and emely kylee and Harry share a room

Everyone: ok

Mia's pov

We were now on the train ride to go to Italy I sat next to Lucas.

Lucas pov

I wanted to ask Mia out on our 1st date. I figured on asking her when we were under the Eiffel Tower so it was more romantics that way.

Lucas: hey babe, I have to tell you something later ok.

Mia: ok

Haley pov.

I watched every coulple on here Mia feel asleep on Lucas chest cute Liam so nice he's letting gianna use his blanket Niall is eating lol and Lainey fell asleep on his shoulder Dylan and kaitlyn are talking Louis Is doing Emma's hair Zayn is showing something to clarissa Josh and Rebecca are a sleep Harry and Emely are asleep. She has her head on his shoulder and he has his head on top of hers and little kylee asleep in Harry's arm I just can I need to take a picture of this. I'll find my true love I hope in this trip. Mia's pov I wonder what Lucas had to tell me I hope he will eventually ask me to go on our first date together.

Mia Pov.

Lucas and I were holding hands during the whole ride  I feel asleep on Lucas's chest during half the train ride on the way to Itally. 

~ at the Eiffel Tower~

Mia: so what were you going to ask me

Lucas: do you want to go on a date with me

Mia: yes I would love to ~Hugging him ~

Lucas: pick you up at 6 then?

Mia: ok I can't wait


I was getting ready at Kaitlin's hotel, I couldnt wait for my first date with Lucas I was so exited. I got dressed, did my makeup, and kaitlyn helped me with my hair.

Lucas pov

I couldn't wait for Mia and I first date I made reservations for the Eiffel Tower and have dinner there. I knew she was gonna love it. I got ready and picked Mia up

~6pm~ The doorbell rang Mia opened the door

Lucas: hey babe you look beautiful, here I brought you some flowers. 'Kissed Mia on the cheek'

Mia: hey babe, you look really good to and thank you for the where are we going?

Lucas :it's a surprise but I know you will love it.

~ arrived at the Eiffel Tower~

Mia: omg you made reservations here thank you so much babe, Love you

Lucas: your welcome I knew you would really like it, love you to babe ~We got up all the way to the top and looked at the amazing view~

Lucas: here ~ pulls the chair out~

Mia: thank you ~ We ate dinner And when back into Lucas hotel he said I could stay with him ~

Mia: it was getting a little bit dark now me and Lucas went for a walk and I thanked him for tonight.

Lucas: tonight was perfect.

Haleys pov-

Boy: hi my name is Tyler

Haley: my name is Haley

Tyler:Haley do you wanna go out some time like tonight at seven?

Haley:umm sure where?

Tyler:just meet me here at seven ok?

Haley:ok sure I went home and got ready untill seven rolled around

Tyler:you look beautiful

Haley: awww thank you! You dont look to bad yourself

Tyler:well thank you come on sit down~pulls seat out~

Haley:why thank you

Tyler:your welcome

Haley:you know this is really nice. I've never felt this way before.

Tyler:yeah, me too. Them boys you're with are ally fun to hang out with.

Haley: so are the girls. There so wild

Tyler: so are the boys

Haley:so how long have you lived here

Tyler: not very long actually

Haley: i didnt think so cuz of you accent

Tyler: that really works on girls i do t know why they just love it

Clarissa pov.

Zayn: clarissa can I talk to you

Clarissa: sure what's up

Zayn: will you go out with me?

Clarissa: I would love too

Zayn: im going to change in Harry's room I'll tell Em. To come over. Let's have a date today at 9 pm

Clarissa: ok can't wait They walk back to the hotel. When it got to 7:30 Zayn left to change. He's so sweet.

'knock on the door'

Clarissa: it's open

Emely: hey Zayn told me to come lol basicly kicked me out with kylee

Clarissa: can you help me with my out fit please

Emely: sure I'll do what I can.

An hour passed it took long to curl my hair. My makeup was done and I was wearing a beautiful dress.

At exactly 9 Zayn knocked on the door. I opend it

Zayn: wow you look so beautiful. I hit you these roses

Clarissa: they are so pretty I love then

Harry: wow clarissa you really look pretty. Where's Emely

Clarissa: kylee is on the bed asleep and emely is on the couch watching tv.

Harry: Emely wanna go for a walk

Emely: sure.

Clarissa: bye guys

Me and Zayn walked to this beautiful restaurant.

We talked about everything. Fave food to least favorite perfume. I had the best time.

Zayn: clarissa look up at the sky

Iooked up and I felt warn soft hands cup my check. I felt soft lips on mine

Emely pov.

Wow france is so beautiful. As usual I have kylee with me. No one knows this but kylee really is my daughter. That's why she's always with me. I was raped 2 years ago. And I got pregnant. No one knows except my mom and dad. Kylee has brown hair and blue green eyes.

Harry: Emely why do you always bring kylee with you 'everyone else left to go on there dates ap its just me him and kylee' Emely: because I can why you ask

Kylee: mommy why can't I stay with grandma

Harry: why is she calling you mom. Emely what are you hiding you know you can trust me

Emely: I know harry.'eyes tear up' but I can't..

Harry: 'leads her to a bench with kylee. Makes me sit down and he gets on his knee in front of me' what happend 'serious tone'

Emely: 2 years ago my mom sent me to the store at night. And I was walking down the street when a guy behind me grabbed my arm and dragged me to a building I was fighting all the way there. I told him to stop' I was crying by now'  afte that happend I found out 2 months later I was pregnant.

Harry: but how you didn't show a stomach.

Emely: I don't know why

Harry: Emely can I tell you something

Emely: sure

Harry: I like this girl I've known her all my life. She's the best. I love her. Should I ask her out

Emely: if you feel that way for her you should tell her.

Harry: yeah your right 'takes phone out'

Emely:'in her mind' he has her number My phones struts vibrating I check it's a private number

Emely: Hello

Harry: Will You Go Out With Me?

Emely: Harry im the girl you were talking about...  but I can't I have kylee and you would never want a girl who has a baby 'starts crying'

Harry: I would never. I love you since the first day I saw you.

Emely: really

Harry: yeah. Wanna go back to the hotel room. I'll carry kylee

Emely: ok and thank you

We walk next to each other. Harry grabs my hand.

Awww you could hear that In the background.

Lainey's pov

We finally arrived at France it was amazing here everything was beautiful. Niall an I decide to walk around, we visited the Notre Dame de Paris and the Arc de Triomphe, we took so many pictures, I will definitely remember this trip. ~ going back to the Eiffel Tower ~

Niall pov

This trip was amazing Lainey and I really had a good time.  I'm gonna ask her if she wants to go out on a date tonight.

Lainey: Isn't France Beautiful

Niall: It sure is, hey I wanted to ask you something

Lainey: yea what is it

Niall: Do you want to go On a date tonight with me?

Lainey: of coarse I would, I Love you

Niall:I love you to babe, so we will go at 6 ~ walking back to hotel with Niall ~

Lainey's pov

I got ready for Niall and I date tonight I got my dress, makeup, and hair done.

Niall's pov

I couldn't wait for our date tonight. I really love her . When I finish getting ready I went and waited for Lainey, she looked so beautiful.

Niall: you look beautiful

Lainey: thank you, you look handsome. ~ arrived at the restaurant~

Niall:Reservations for two please

Man: This way please Niall:~ pulls the chair for Lainey ~

Lainey: Thank you babe.

~ Have dinner ~  

Niall: I have one more surprise for you Lainey

Lainey: what is it ?

Niall: come follow me. ~ run together holding hands ~

Niall: Here.

Lainey: Omg Niall it's beautiful.

A garden filled with lights and flowers.

Lainey's pov

We walked around the garden and I saw a guitar. Niall's pov I was going to play Lainey a song. This night has been amazing.

Lainey: Niall what is that?

Niall walked over to the guitar and starts singing

after the song I went over and kissed Niall This has been the best night of my life.

Lainey: I love you Niall thank so much

Niall: I love you to Lainey and anything for my princess

Gianna pov.

Gianna: Liam I'm bored what should we do

Liam: want to a restaurant and then for a walk

Gianna: sure that would be awesome

After an hour they were ready At the table at the fancy restaurant

Liam: Gianna I wanna give you something 'pulls out  a beautiful necklace,

Gianna: Liam this is beautiful

Liam: look what it says on the back

Gianna: I love you forever Liam.. I love it so much thank you

Liam: your welcome' leans over to kiss me' . Let's go for our walk now

Gianna: ok

10 minutes into walking and talking

Gianna: my feet Hurt

Liam: want me to carry you

Gianna: no thank I thin...' Liam picks her up bridal style' Liam I can walk you know

Liam: ohh well I really wanted to carry you

Gianna: hahaha ok

Once back at the room

Gianna: Liam can you put me down all the movement is making me sleepy

Liam: well let go to bed then

Gianna: in my dress

Liam: sure why not ' places me on the bed' well good night love you

Gianna: love you too' Liam kisses get forehead'

Emma pov.

Louis: hey Emma wanna go out for a walk.

Emma: sure As they walk Louis stops

Louis: Emma you know I love you right

Emma: yes I do Louis what's wrong

Louis: it's just that we don't hang out alone

Emma: Louis what are we doing  right now

Louis: walking

Emma: and is there anybody with us

Louis: no we are Alo..... Ohhhh

Emma: yep Louis well lets have fun.

They go around places taking pictures and randomly talking to people.

Louis: i gotta say this is fun lets go back to the hotel room and watch a movie

Emma: sure can we watch a movie

Louis: sure When they got to the hotel room they went to each room checking if they are back in. Everyone was back except kaitlyn.

Emma: I wanna watch...

Louis: let's watch this one paranormal activity

Emma: buys that's scary just looking at the cover

Louis: I will hold you and protect you Emma: ok

Half way through the movie Louis fell asleep. I got up to go pee. When I came out the light in the room where flickering. I walked over to the couch Louis wasn't there. I was getting scared

Emma: LOUIS!!! Where are you? Don't joke with me like that ' I hate tears in my eyes' I sudenly feel arms wrap around my waist I screamed so loud I swear the whole hotel woke up

Emma: let me go 'starts wiggling around and crying'

Louis: EMMA!! It's just me calm down

Emma: Louis never do that to me. Promise you will never

Louis: I was just kidding. Im sorry I was joking around. Forgive me please ' he picks me up bridal style'

Emma: I forgive you, I'm tierd

Louis: of course you will be tiered with that loud scream you did. Hahaha love you 'he kisses her'

I wake up to hear Harry yelling at Louis to call 911

Kaitlyns pov

I wake up expecting to see Dylan beside me but instead I see a note - morning beautiful, I bet your wondering where I am, well im getting ready for our date tonight meet me under the effile tower at 3;00 XOXO

I turn over and check the time 1:00 ok I have 2 hours top get ready and get there I told myself. I hop out of bed and take a quick shower. When I'm finished I hop out and slip on some shorts and a tank top. I then head back to the bathroom to do my hair and make up.

I plug in my curling iron and let it heat up. When it's finally hot I start to curl my hair. 45 minutes full of burns and clips later I'm finished. With my make up I got simple just some mascara and lipgloss then I head to my suitcase and pull out my favorite purple dress and some black flats.

I grab the hotel key before exiting the room and heading to the lift when I finally get to the lift it's out of order 'DAMMIT' I think. I then walk all the way back down the long twisted hall way to get to the stairs once I'm finally out of the building I hail a taxi once we get to the effile tower I pay the cab driver and head to where Dylan said to meet him.

When I finally arrive what I see makes tears spill down my cheeks Dylan and some girl liplocking and he doesn't look like he was pushing her away anytime soon. When I start to runaway I feel someone grab my wrist I turn around to see Dylan " kaitlyn, it's no-

" I cut him off " NO I don't want to hear it I thought you were different but no we have only been dating for 2 days and you have already cheated on me you can forget about us because were through" I rip my arm from his grasp and run back to the hotel

I don't bother getting a taxi I run all the way when I get there I have already decided what to do I run in the bathroom write my goodbye to everyone and then grab the razor and pills first I slide down the wall the razor digging into my wrist I slice a few more cuts before opening the pill Bottle I the proceed to tip the bottle swallowing all the pills a few seconds later Everything starts to get fuzzy the last words I hear are harry screaming

"LOUIS CALL 911 HURRY" then I balcked out

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