Nothings more Beautiful than you (completed)

it all started when they met at the park.


6. Chapter 6

Kaitlin's pov

Today we were going to the beach everyone is so exited, we are meeting up at Manchester and driving over to Liverpool.

Kaitlyn and Dylan, Lainey and Niall, Emely and Harry, Mia and Lucas,and kylee are taking a car with Harry Driving Rebecca and Josh aren't coming with us they are going on a date. Louis, Liam, Zayn, Emma, Gianna,and Clarissa. Are also taking a car with Liam driving.

Harry and Liam: Were here

Everyone: Yay! ~runs to the beach~

We all got changed in to our swimsuits

Louis: let's play volleyball

Everyone: Sure :)But we need to find another player so we have an even team.

Girl: Hey can I play my name is Haley

Emely: yea sure we were just looking for another player

~ later~ It was getting hot so we all decided to start swimming, everyone was splashing and jut having fun. Each couple that were going out decided to hang out with each other they were also holding hands.

Lainey: what do you guys want to do tomorrow?

Mia: we should go to paris france the city of love and  spend maybe 3 days there.

Emma: yea we should.

Mia:Haley do you want to come to Italy with us?

Haley: yea I would love to come.

Gianna: I wonder what Rebecca and Josh are doing?

Kaitlyn: yea same here probably doing couple stuff.

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