Nothings more Beautiful than you (completed)

it all started when they met at the park.


5. Chapter 5

Zayn' s pov.

I can't believe we are gonna tell them but here we go

Zayn: we are auditioning for X-Factor we want you guys to come and support us

All the girls: we all hugged the boys and we were so happy for them.

Emely: I would totally come if it's to support you guys

Kylee: I wanna go too!!!!!

Emely: kylee

Zayn: no its fine we made a shirt for her too lol

Emely: so you guys planed this

Harry: yep

Emely pov

. Me: g,gu,guys I gotta I'm go I'll see you at school ' I got up supper fast. I saw the mean girl from school.

Harry: do you really have to leave

Emely: it's for the best of If I do. Come one kylee ' lifts kylee up'

Louis: we just got here

Emely: I know sorry'walks away fast but looks back to see if the mean girl noticed'

Mia pov

Me: guys did you see that she looked back to that girl and she was scared.

Harry: i noticed that too

Everyone else: I don't see anything

Harry: I think I'll go talk to her

Mia: it's for the best. Lucas can you please do me. Huge favor

Lucas: what is it honey

Mia: tell that girl over there to come 'pints to the mean girl'

Lucas pov

I went over and got the 2 girls like Mia asked and I asked them to go over and talk to us

Girls pov

Emely better not have told them what happened. I know she's here I just saw her

Everyone pov

Those 2 girls are coming over now, they were behind Lucas. We asked them what there names where. Girl: I'm Mykah and this is Irene what you called u?

Mia's pov

I asked everyone if I could talk to her in private they all said I could, I walked over to her.

Mykah: well hello there Mia

Mia: hey Mykah Stop acting sweet and nice it doesn't look good on you

Mykah: nice to know you still remember me

Mia: well it's not very  hard to remember the person who almost ruined your life. You better stop bullying Emely

Mykah: why should I?

Mia: she never did anything to you. You also better not tell my friends I know you

Mykah : well there about too

no pov.

Niall: I wonder what is taking so long Kaitlyn: let's go over there

Mia pov

Everyone was now Coming over to see whats wrong, it was to late I couldn't ask her what emely did to her

No pov.

Dylan: Mia what's up why you with this girl

Mykah: it's mykah cutie

Rebecca: um ewww

Clarissa: Mia why did you call this girl

Irene: personal matters

Mykah: This girl called me over because she threatend me telling she would hurt me if I didn't do what she said

Lucas: Mia

Mia: I did not say that. I called her over..... Because I think wait I know she's the one bullying Emely

Everyone: WHAT!!!

Gianna: how do you know this Mia

Mia: I know it's her because 'takes deep breath' she used to bully me

Mykah: hahahah I would never

Lucas: baby is this true

Mia: yes she used too like you Lucas and she would bully me so I would leave you and that's what she's doing to Emely.

Louis: your hurting my baby

Niall: our baby louis

Mykah: why would I ever do that I'm the sweetest girl ever

Irene: yeah she's the nicest girl in the world

Riley: nicest girl in the world are you kidding me. You make everyone's life hell. 'everyone looks at her strangely' oh hi my name is Riley. I go to the same school. But different class. I'm stick with her in the class.

Liam:what did she do to you

Riley: the usual she does to every girl. If she likes a guy and your with him or your really close to him shell do everything to be with him. That's what she did to me and Zach. We've Been dating for 3 years and she ruined our relationship. I was there the day Emely was pushed into the fountain by her. She grabbed her page and dropped it in. Emely bent over to get the bag and she pushed her in

Mykah:'slaps Riley'

Mia: why did you hit her that's not nice

Lucas: this is just rediculous Mia why didnt you tell me she did this to you.

Niall: leave Emely alone don't get near her or any of us.

Louis: that's right and Harry would never date a mean girl like you

Mykah: at least I'm prettier than Emely what does Harry see in her any way? Irene lets go I'm getting tiered of being here ' they both leave'

Mia: I don't think we are ever going to see that girl again

Riley: I was getting tired of that girl

Louis: I wonder where Harry went Gianna: let's go to the beach tomorrow

Everyone: yeah

Clarissa: let me text Harry and Emely

Back with Emely pov

I can't Belive i was careless

Kylee: why are we going

Emely: it was time to go ok

Kylee: ok'yawns' I'm tierd

Emely:go to sleep ' by the time I told her this she was asleep'

Voice: EMELY!!!!! I turn around to see Harry running over to me. I turned back and continued walking but faster

Harry: Emely 'grabs arm and turns her around' why did you leave suddenly

Emely: I got a text from my mom saying to get back home

Harry:dont lie to me

Emely:just dont worry about it. Im fine

Harry:emely just tell me


Harry:well?... Just then Harry's phone ringed

Harry: it's clarissa

Speaker: Harry is Emely with you

Harry: yep

Speaker clarissa: ok meet us up tomorrow at the beach got it ok good bye Harry bye Emely

Harry and emely: bye

Emely: I really have to go see you tomorrow.

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