Nothings more Beautiful than you (completed)

it all started when they met at the park.


4. Chapter 4

Emely pov.

I've been cutting. I can't take it anymore why am I being bullied. I know in not as pretty as the other girls. I just want to die I have fresh cuts from yesterday

Should I go in? Just get over it no one will love you

I opens the door everyone we staring at me. Well of course the will in soaking wet.

Teacher: what happend!!!

Me: I fell I was trying to reach my bag that fell into the fountain

Teacher: you have to be more careful Go sit down

Me: ok' heads for the direction of her friends and then remembers what the mean girl said to her

she walks all the way to the back'

No pov

Clarissa: whats wrong with emely. Why didn't she sit with us

Zayn: I don't know but something is up

Niall: yeah Liam: we'll ask her after school

Louis: do you really think she dropped her bag in the fountain

Emma: I guess you know how clumsy she is

Lainey: yeah remember that one time she forgot kylee at the mall

Gianna: ohh yeah that was funny

Rebecca: this is just strange she left her bag on the table

Kaitkyn and Mia: yeah!!!

Josh: someone did this to her

Dylan: and must have pushed her In!!!

Harry: why would anyone that Lucas: no Idea man

Mia's pov

When I heard Emely walk back into class I was so shocked who would do this to her, but I did have an idea who it could it have been but ,i didnt say anything to anyone I waned to talk to emely first.

No one's pov

just sat there in class whispering to each other what could have happened, The bell rang and we quickly got of out seats

Kaitlyn's pov

When the bell rang we all quickly ran over to emely  and asked her what happened.

Emely: just like I told the teacher my bag fell and I tried to reach it and slipped in.and I'm fine

Kaitlyn: if you say so. Let's all hang out tomorrow. There's no school And we meet up at my house don't be late

Everyone: ok

Next day

Everyone's at kaitlyn house except emely

Harry: where is emely?

Rebecca: no idea but she texts she was bringing kylee with her

Harry: ohh Emma: didnt you feel she was very distant yesterday. She didn't talk a lot on the way home

Kaitlyn: well let's a walk over other house it's across the steet

Everyone: ok

Rebecca knocked on the door

Women: hi rebecca

Rebecca hi emelys mom Is she home. She said she would hang out with is.

EM: yeah she's just getting kylee ready


Lainey: what did she say

Niall hahahaha Niall: hahaha she said why don't you pay attention kylee

Louis: 'yells' emely hurry up we have been waiting for like 20 minutes

Emely: sorry!!

Harry: Louis don't play with her like that we just got to your house

Emely: ohhh ok sorry kylee was giving me a hard time

Kylee:no I wasn't

Lucas: how old are you turning tomorrow?

Kylee: 2 'hold up 3 fingers'

Dylan: that's good

Niall: ohh well come to uncle Nialler

Kylee: no no no I don't know you so don't talk to me ' turns around'

Emely: kylee you do know

Niall. I told you to say that to strangers

Emma: we should get going

Everyone: yeah

Emely: my mom I love you

At the park

Harry: girls we have something to tell you

Liam: yeah and we want you to be there

Louis:supporting us

Niall: and we are going to choose your cloths that day

Zayn: we are auditioning for...

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