Nothings more Beautiful than you (completed)

it all started when they met at the park.


3. Chapter 3

Kaityn pov

I went to the bathroom on our way back to class. I can't stand this pain anymore. Will I ever be loved. I took out a sharp object and placed it on my wrist. I made 3 lines

Goodness why wont they hear my silent pleas. How am I going to tell them what happened 2 years ago. Why did I sneak out that night

Dylan pov

Kaitlyns been gone far to long. I love her so in worried about her

Me: guys ill be back Everyone: ok

I went straight to the restrooms the girls one to be exact. I know that kaitkyn cuts her self but I wanna know why. It hurts me to see her do this to herself.

I turn the knob of the door. I hear someone crying.

Me : kaitlyn

Kaitlyn: Dylan what are you doing in the girls bathroom

Me: i wanted to talk to you. 'sits on the floor with her' shy are you hiding your arm behind your back

Kaitlyn: oh no it's nothing to worry abou

Me: ' looks down to the floor' I know you cut 'I whispered to her' but why do that you beautiful girl nice to everyone one I...Love You

Kaitlyn: you love me but... Me: you can trust me please tell me why are you doing this to yourselfI don't think you'll care

Me: you just heard me say I love you try me

Kaitlyn: I'm going to give you the short version I can't say the long one it hurts to remember.

Me: ok

Kaitlyn pov

Me: it was two years ago this girl invited me to her house for a party. I snuck out of the house because my parent wouldn't let me. So I was having fun until one of the guys staged me to a room. I was raped that night.

Lainey pov.

What is taking emely and kaitlyn so long. I'm worried about them. And what does Niall wan to talk to me about that's got me nervous

Niall: Lainey come here He walks out the door'

Lianey: what is it niall

Niall: well I wanted to tell you this since the beging. When we met I wanted to tell you but I was shy. And I'm ready to tell you now

Lainey: what is it Niall

Niall: I like you a lot. Will you pleae go out with me 'blushes'

Lainey: 'blushes' I would love to We both went back into the classroom

back in the classroom

Mia's pov

I was just sitting in class being worried again, I always had anxiety issues but I never really told anyone. I noticed Emely and Kaitlyn weren't back yet, I wondered what was taking so long so I just sat there. Lucas pov I saw Mia just sitting there which wasn't like her she always is happy but I always new the day I met her something was wrong. She looked like she was worried about something but I wish I knew what it was.

Lainey's pov

I could tell something was wrong I know Mia has anxiety issues, she never told anyone except me, but today I new something was really bothering her.

Harry pov.

So in 10 minutes kaitlyn came back Dylan asked her out niall asked out lainey. I don't understand what happening to Mia.

Teacher: we'll lets continue class, when I call you name say here Niall, Lainey, Liam,Gianna,  Zayn I know your here stop staring at clarissa. Ok clarissa is here umm Mia Lucas Emma and Louis... Louis stop doing Emma's hair, ok josh Rebecca Harry, stop looking at the door. Kaitlyn and dylan. Emely well where is that girl.

Emely pov.

What should I do my eyes are red because of crying

my cloths are wet and my bag too What am I going to do I'm being threatened.

I'm still being Bullied and I've been...

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