Nothings more Beautiful than you (completed)

it all started when they met at the park.


2. Chapter 2

No pov.

Liam: can you Belive that we knoweach other for 6 uears Mia: goodness so much happend. Who wants to go down memory lane Emely: I don't want to

In the 6  years that passed emely's English got better. Josh asked Rebecca out last year.

Emely: so I'm turning 16 in 6months and I was supposed to have a party last year for when I turn 15 and I was woundering if all of you would be in my court

Everyone: sure

Louis: but your going to have to explain better

Emely: ok 'school bell rings'

Niall: I guess we got to go back to class

Gianna: but I don't want to its so boring

Liam: how is it boring if I'm with you

Gianna: hahaha ohh yeah

Emma: your really smart gianna

Louis: Emma don't start with her hahaha you know how she gets

Lainey: keep on walking we are making traffic

Lucas: there going to have to wait

Almost at the door

Emely: I forgot my bag I'll catch up in a few 'she leaves'

Harry: do you think she's going to be ok

Niall: harry stop worrying shell be fine and Lainey can I talk to you alone later

Lainey: sure

Emely pov.

Great I left my bag I told them I left my bag. I ran back to the place we were sitting at.

Girl: is this your bag

Me: yes can I have it back

Girl: sure ' throws bag into the water Whoops sorry

Me: 'runs to the fountain'. Why did you do that 'bends over to get it'

Girl: well because I don't like you 'pushes her in'

Emely: screams

Girl: why are you even here no one likes you. I know About your little crush on Harry. It's never going to happen he doesn't like girls like you From another country. And your not even pretty. Your ugly why do you hang out with pretty people. They feel sorry about you that's why they hang out with you . 'takes knife out' . . . If I ever see you.. with them ...

you'll get it

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