Nothings more Beautiful than you (completed)

it all started when they met at the park.


10. Chapter 10

~2 months later~  

Today was the day the boys were finally auditioning for X-Factor we were all super exited!!! We came and supported each of them, we were so proud of them, I just hope they get through  

Mia pov. we were so proud of them, I just hope they get through. We are all wearing the cloths the wanted us to wear. Tyler came back with us and is staying with Liam. He started going to school with us too.  

Mia: " have you guys desideded on a name yet"  

Harry: no

  Me: we'll you should start thinking there's only 3 more people left  

Louis: well um how about hot dogs  

Harry: Louis no that's just horrible. I'll think of something  

Mia: guys we are going to have to leave well be in the audience cheering you on.

Harry pov  

Harry: it's was finally our turn to go up on stage, we also decided on a name we picked One Direction  

Emma pov

Emma: we sat back into the arena finally it's was the lads turn to proform   

No pov

We sat there cheering as loud as we could for the lads we were so proud of them they made it this far, let's just hope they win.  

Clarissa: Wow they have wonderful voices   

Emely: yeah they do lol.  

Harry: could we have are special ladies come up. We Want them up here with us for your descition   

Judge1: sure  

Louis: if you would excuse us for a few seconds  'With that they ran over to the girls. And walked them back up stage'  

Judge2: I know this is out of topic but that baby is so cute. Can I hold her  

Emely: um ok' she hands her the baby everyone raps an arm around each other'  

Judge3: well that performance was really good Yes   

Judge1: yes  

Announcer: judge 2 will tell you the result after the break

  Emma: you guys did amazing I'm not kidding  

Lainey: so what name did you guys pick  

Harry: one direction   

Emely: that's a cool name   

Judge 2: this baby I swear adorable.  

Emely: umm thank you.   

Judge 2: are you the mother   

Emely: ummmmm yes  

Judge: where's the father  

Harry: I'm right here' he said waving a hand  

Judge: really h...  

Announcer: everyone back to place. Live in 30 seconds   Those 30 second past  

Announcer welcome back to x-factor. We left off with 2 yes from 2 judges. What will the last judge say.   

Judge2: well I want to say that you guys have wonderful voices. Everyone is supportive of each other very caring. So I want to say Yes.  

We all jumped up and down screaming. Best moment ever  

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