Nothings more Beautiful than you (completed)

it all started when they met at the park.


1. Chapter 1

Mia's pov Today was actually a pretty sunny day here in London, it hasn't been this warm here in a while. I decided to call the other girls and ask them if they wanted to go to the park.

Emma's pov

My phone buzzed and I answered it, it was Mia she asked if I wanted to go to the park she also asked to tell the other girls Rebecca, Emely, Clarissa, Kaitlyn, Lainey, and Gianna said they could all go so I called Mia again. Mia's pov Emma called me back again she said they could all go so I told them to meet at 1

Emely pov

I'm new to England. I was born In el Salvador. So I only speak Spanish. But the few days I've been here I made new friends there helping me understand English. They invited me to the park. When we were there we saw 8 boys coming over to us.

Clarissa pov.

Boy: hi my name is Zayn ad these are my friends Niall Harry Louis Zayn Dylan and Lucas. 'points to each boy'

Clarissa: hi my name is clarissa and these are my friends Gianna, Mia kaitlyn  Emma Lainey Rebecca and emely 'points to each girl' she doesn't understand English so we are teaching her

No pov.

Niall: I know Spanish

Niall and Emely start talking in Spanish

Emma: what are they saying

Louis: I dont know I like it hahaha

Harry: why does she look sad

Zayn: I dont know Niall asked her what's wrong

Niall: ok ' asks her'

Niall: ohhh no no 'Emely was now crying gives her a hug'

Harry: what's wrong

Niall: she's getting bullied because she doesn't under Stand Mia: ohhh goodness why didnt we noticeThat's why she doesn't smile. She's afraid

Lainey: what school do you guys go to

Liam: that school 'point the the left' Rebecca: really we go to that school too

Niall: really we haven't seen any of you girls.

Clarissa: different class Louis: ohhh yeah

They all played outside until it got dark

Lucas: Mia I wanted to tell  you something

Mia: what Lucas: will you go out with me? Mia: I would love too

Liam: girls we will drop you off at your houses if that's fine

Gianna: That would be fine.

Clarissa: where did emely go?

Dylan: it's like shes a ninja I didnt hear her leave

Kailyn: non of us did smart

Dylan: don't get started with me

Harry: I'll go look for her and take her home 'walks away'

Louis: I think each of us should talk a girl to there house like Lucas you take Mia. Dylan take kaitlyn. Niall take Lainey. I'm going to take Emma. Zayn take clarissa. Liam take gianna. Josh take Rebecca. An I guess Harry is taking emely.

Liam: wow did you plan this Louis Louis: no Liam: ohhhh if you say so

Gianna pov.

Liam: heh can I ask you something

Gianna: sure

Liam: so I've seen you around school and your a nice girl with a big heart and I was wondering if you would be my girlfriend?

Gianna: 'blushes' yes I would love too

Emma pov.

Emma: thanks Louis for walking me home that was nice of you

Louis: it's my pleasure. Can I ask you something

Emma: un sure

Louis: so I know I've meet you for the first time today. And I felt a spark when our eyes met will you be my girlfriend?

Emma: I would love to

No pov.

The rest of the boys were afraid to ask the girls out their waiting for the right moment

Harry pov.

I kept on yelling emely's name. When Niall told us that she was being bullied I felt my heart break. I looked at the swings and I saw a small body on the swing. Well in my opinion all the girls we met had a small body and strangely had the Same highet.

Harry: emely ' she looked at him' Are you ok

Emely: umm...Jes

Harry: hahaha yes

Emely: Jes?

Harry: why did you leave oh wait I have a translator on my phone 'types in why did you leave'

I hand her my phone

Phone: because I didn't want to be a bother

I looked up looking into her dark brown eyes the thing I saw was...


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