I write sins not tragedies

When izzy a small town girl from the country
Finds out that her favoret band one direction is
Coming to her home town she just needs to get tickets. but
Her family dosent have the mony after there family ranch goes
Down to the dogs. One of the horses lexa is really sick. Can Niall and the boys help
And avoed the trouble they could get in?


2. The lucky one

I walked out of the store and some guy bumped into me "hey watch we're your going!" I yelled and turnd around I couldn't believe who I saw it was Harry stiles! "oh I'm sorry Harry I didn't realize" I started to say but he cut me off " it's ok what's your name love?" he said in a cheeky way.
"oh I'm izzy" I was so happy to be talking to Harry stiles of one direction "izzy ya wanna come to our rehearsal with me and the boys" i just met him and he is asking me to come to rehearsal with him?? I just shook my hed yes and he led me over to the rest of the boys and explaned why I'm coming. "umm am I dreaming or is this a prank...haha you got me" I was so confused, happy and just plain awesomeized at the same time the boys just laughed. "who is she...Harry explane" Paul was confused to I could tell all the boys started talking at the same time Louis was saying ya Harry explane Niall was laughing zayn was skreeming "vas happening I'm so confused right now!" Liam was just yelling cheese curds at every one and Harry was yelling about how we met to Paul.

After we got things organized we left for rehearsal
"so izzy how is it here can u tell us about this place" Niall asked "well there isn't much to know there isn't a lot to do here umm I guess well stay away from jack Willie he is nothing but trouble.
Umm my ranch is just down the street from his Kat millerson's house. Ugh and do not ever go on one of those dumb roller coasters in town the good ones are near my place. If u guys evere want a
Quick way to make mony wile your here I have space and I guess the best place for food is at Molly's. Molly's daughter is my best friend her name is jess
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