I write sins not tragedies

When izzy a small town girl from the country
Finds out that her favoret band one direction is
Coming to her home town she just needs to get tickets. but
Her family dosent have the mony after there family ranch goes
Down to the dogs. One of the horses lexa is really sick. Can Niall and the boys help
And avoed the trouble they could get in?


1. One chance

It all started right here five boys one time one chance one direction.
Today was the day that one direction was coming to town "ahhhh one direction!!" I yelled and ran towards my mom "just go feed the horses" she said my mom had been putting up with me talking about one direction ever since they were on the X factor.
Today was the day I get to meet the five most talanted boys in the world.
I walked out to the barn where lexa, smokie, Shasta, and jz were I put the hey bale's in there stall and I walked back into the house where nimo was barking like
Crazy. (nimo is my dog NOT fish)
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