Only One Night

I'm 18 and am in my 3rd year of college. Yeah I know. 3rd year?! I skipped some grades. Well, my story is about meeting a boy who when we met covered my in coffee. This boy is Harry Styles. This is the story of our one night together.


4. Unexpected Act

Harry's P.O.V.

That was strange. At least they know each other. I wonder what show we're seeing? Liam and Zayn pull into the lot now.  Liam helps Danielle out of the car. Danielle is in a red dress with red and black heels and a red purse. Outfit-    Zayn brought Perrie. She's so sweet. She's wearing a pink dress with heels and a bag. Outfit- Shannon meets them and they all hug her. They like her and that makes me way more relaxed than before. Shannon comes by me and smiles. "You ready to go?" She asks. "Yep." I tell her. "Guys, we should get going. It's just a block down the road." She says and starts to walk while we all follow. I linger back. "Dude, go up there and walk with her." Zayn tells me. I nod and jog up to Shannon. "Hey" she says when I reach her. "Thanks for asking me out. I probably would have been too scared to ask you out." She laughs at me. "Oh I don't think so. You should have seen Caroline giving me a pep-talk before I called you." She says and seems to walk a little closer to me. I think screw it and grab her hand. It feels so soft. It feels right to have her hand in mine. We talk about my singing until we get to the place we're going. "Caroline come here please." Shannon calls to her friend. Caroline comes running up next to her. Shannon takes off her shoes and hands them to Caroline. She also hands Caroline her bag. "What are you doing?" I ask. She smiles and says, "The asshole who opened the club didn't put a door knob on the outside and there's no door man. So I have to jump over and open the door from the inside." She jumps up and pulls herself to the top then jumps over in one swift, graceful move. "Wow." I whisper to myself. "She's very athletic." I hear El say behind me. The door opens and Shannon's standing there smiling. She laughs. "I love doing that." She tells me and puts her shoes on.  "Shall we?" She says and holds her arm out. I take it and she escorts us in. 

It's a big, old theater that has dinner tables and booths set up around the stage. There's a dance floor in front of the stage. Shannon walks to the hostess and asks for a table for ten. She nods and walks us to our table. It's a big round table in the back, but dead center of the stage. We can see everything. We all sit and order drinks. We all get beer and water. Someone finishes singing and a middle aged man comes on stage and starts talking. "And we have two very special guest." He says. "The band One Direction," everyone claps. "And the one we all love and adore, Miss Shannon," he says. 

Shannon's P.O.V.

Oh no. I hide my face in Harry's shoulder. "Whats wrong?" he asks.

"It's just embarrassing."

Roger is still talking and now walking over to our table. "What you say? Do wanna her your favorite girl sing or what?" Everyone cheers even my new friends. "Roger? I don't work here anymore." I say. "Come on honey? Sing us one song." Harry looks at me and gives me the puppy face. I just smile and say, "Fine. One song."

I walk up onto the stage and say into the mic,"Just play anything." Everyone cheers when the music starts to play. No, not know. Too late. I start singing my favorite song.


On the days I can't see your eyes I don't even want to, open mine On the days I can't see your smile Well I'd rather sit and wait the while For the days I know you'll be near 'Cause I day without you just isn't fair See the days I can hear your voice I'm left without a choice Plus I get weak in the knees Fall head over heels baby And every other cheesy cliche Yes I'm swept off my feet Oh my heart skips a beat But there's really only one thing to say: God Damn you're beautiful To me, you're everything,  Yeah that's beautiful, yes to me. I can't find the words to explain Just how much you got me going insane When you speak to me sometimes you'll find Oh, I stutter my words and say nevermind 'Cause even when you just walk by Well I look around to seem occupied 'Cause I'm trying so hard to hide Yeah, all of these feelings inside 'Cause get weak in the knees Fall head over heels baby And every other cheesy cliche Yeah I'm swept off my feet Oh my heart skips a beat But there's really only one thing to say: God Damn you're beautiful to me, oh you're everything,  Yeah, that's beautiful, yes to me. Yes to me. Yeah you're beautiful Yeah you're beautiful God Damn you're beautiful To me.

To me.

Caroline's P.O.V.

"Come on." I say to all of them and get Niall up when the music starts. "Why is everyone dancing?" Harry asks me. "Because we all promised her that when she found the right guy we'd all dance to this song." "How do you know she found the right guy?" Liam asks. "She's smiling. She never smiles when she sings this song because she wants someone to sing it to her." I wink at Harry and pull Niall onto the dance floor.

Harry's P.O.V.

Her voice is so beautiful. Wow, I think. I'm her right guy. I walk up to the stage and walk on. I take her in my arms and we dance while she sings. She's smiling more than ever now. When she ends I kiss her. I ALWAYS kiss on the first date. Everyone is clapping and I pull away. We walk off the stage and back to our seat to watch the rest of the show. 

Shannon's P.O.V.

Roger is on stage again and asks one more favor,"To our guests, One Direction will you please end the show for us?" he says. Everyone goes wild with excitement. The boys all look at each other and smile. They hop up and run to the stage getting mics from Roger. Harry looks at me and winks. "This is for the girl I came with tonight." The music starts and right away I know what song it is.


[Liam] Girl I see it in your eyes you’re disappointed ‘Cause I’m the foolish one that you anointed with your heart I tore it apart And girl what a mess I made upon your innocence And no woman in the world deserves this But here I am asking you for one more chance [Harry] Can we fall one more time? Stop the tape and rewind Oh and if you walk away I know I’ll fade ‘Cause there is nobody else [All] It’s gotta be you Only you It’s got to be you Only you [Liam] Now girl I hear it in your voice and how it trembles When you speak to me I don’t resemble who I was You’ve almost had enough And your actions speak louder than your words And you’re about to break from all you’ve heard But don’t be scared, I ain’t going nowhere [Zayn] I’ll be here, by your side No more fears, no more crying But if you walk away I know I’ll fade Cause there is nobody else [All] It’s gotta be you Only you It’s got to be you Only you [Zayn] Oh, girl, Can we try one more, one more time? One more, one more? Can we try one more, one more time? I’ll make it better [All] One more, one more, Can we try one more, one more... [Zayn] Can we try one more time to make it all better? [Harry] 'Cause it's gotta be you It's gotta be you Only you Only you [All] It’s gotta be you Only you It’s got to be you Only you
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