Only One Night

I'm 18 and am in my 3rd year of college. Yeah I know. 3rd year?! I skipped some grades. Well, my story is about meeting a boy who when we met covered my in coffee. This boy is Harry Styles. This is the story of our one night together.


1. Starbucks On My Shirt

It's 9:00 am and I'm on my way to Starbucks for my usual coffee. I pull my grey Chevy into the parking lot. I have on my Beatles shirt and my favorite jeans. I grab my army green bag, put it over my head and start walking.

As I walk towards the door someone throws open the door and runs into me. Shit! Their coffee is all over me. Great just great. "I'm so sorry!" someone says. They sound familiar. I look up. Oh god. It's Harry. "It was my fault. Don't worry about." I tell him. "No really. I wasn't even looking." "It's fine. At least let me buy you another drink." I say. "Oh, no really it's fine." He just keeps blabbering. "Really. Let me buy you a drink." I say smiling. Harry looks me up and down real quick so I won't notice.To late. "Fine, he says, but you have to sit with me." He says. He smiles. God he's gorgeous. We go inside and I ask him what he got. "Just a large coffee with cream and sugar." He says and goes to get a table. I get in line and wait. When I get up to the counter I order his coffee and get myself a medium coffee with cream and a cinnamon scone. I pay and bring them to the table. "Thanks" Harry says and smiles at me. "It's the least I could do" I say. "I didn't catch your name." He says. "Shannon" I tell him extending my hand. He takes and says," I'm Harry." I know! I scream in my head.

"Pleasure to meet you Harry."

"The pleasure is mine."

He's such a flirt. "So, do you live here?" He asks.

"I'm here for school" I say.

"Which school?"

"The Royal College or Surgeons."

"Cool. What year?"


"Wow. How old are you? I mean not be rude but you look pretty young."

"I'm 18. I skipped a couple grades."

His phone rings and he checks a text. "I gotta go. Here's my number call me in a few hours." He says writing his number on a napkin. "Ok, I'll call you later." I say. He gets up and hugs me before he leaves. Harry Styles just gave me his number! I think to myself. I go to my car and start it. As I drive to the mall all I can think is, "Oh my god. I had coffee on my shirt the whole time."



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