Only One Night

I'm 18 and am in my 3rd year of college. Yeah I know. 3rd year?! I skipped some grades. Well, my story is about meeting a boy who when we met covered my in coffee. This boy is Harry Styles. This is the story of our one night together.


2. Shopping

Harry's P.O.V.

She had coffee on her shirt the whole time and she didn't even care, I think. She's 18 and in her 3RD YEAR OF COLLEGE! That's a little nuts. She's sweet, athletic, pretty and smart. Shannon. That's Irish and beautiful. I get in my car and start it. My phone buzzes again. It's Louis.

"R u coming?!"

"Yeah on my way"

"C u in a bit"

As I pull out of the parking lot I see her in her her gray Chevy. She looks down at her shirt. So she didn't even know. She just shakes her head and laughs. Her laugh is so cute. Oh wow Harry, nice. You just fell for another girl, I think. Too bad. I pull out and head for the studio. All that fills my head are songs and her.


Shannon's P.O.V.

I pull up to the mall and meet my best friend, Caroline at the door. She's about 5ft and has a cute sandy blonde bob. I hug her and spill everything. "Guess who I just had coffee with?" She looks at my shirt and laughs. "King Klutz," she says. "No, the one and only Mr. Harry Styles," I say in my best announcer voice. She's gaping at me. "No way," she finally says.

"Yeah way and he gave me his number."

"Shut up"

I just laugh at her and pull her along. We go from place to place and get new cloths at every one. At the end of 3 hours we have enough clothes to cover our parents houses with. "Thanks for going with me," I say. "No problem. Now go call Harry. Right this minute," she commands. "Sir, yes, Sir,"I shout back. I laugh and hug her goodbye. I get in my car and call Harry.


"Hi Harry. It's Shannon from earlier at Starbucks," I say.

"Yes, remind me how we met exactly?" he says

"You ran into me and ruined my favorite Beatles shirt."

I hear laughing in the background. "I'm on speaker phone aren't I?"I ask.

"Yes luv." Someone says. I presume Louis. 

"Can you take me off of speaker please? Bye guys."

"Bye Shannon" I hear all of them yell.

"Sorry. They like embarrassing me," he says.

"It's ok. Um I was wondering if you wanted to go to a  show tonight?"


"You can bring the boys if you want. I mean if you want them with you." I say. I"m such a blubbering idiot.

"Hey, guys you wanna go to a show tonight?" I hear him call to them.

"Only if El can come." "And Danielle"

"Can they bring their girlfriends?" Harry asks.


"Ok where to want us to meet you?" 

"At the Starbucks we were at this morning. It's a block away. Make sure you all wear something nice." I add.

"OK, what time?"

"Oh about 5:00" I say.

"Ok see you there.Bye" 

"Bye Harry. See you soon."

Oh my god I just asked Harry out on a date with One Direction coming. That's a lot to process. I shake it off and start to drive home. I have to get ready for my date tonight.


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