Only One Night

I'm 18 and am in my 3rd year of college. Yeah I know. 3rd year?! I skipped some grades. Well, my story is about meeting a boy who when we met covered my in coffee. This boy is Harry Styles. This is the story of our one night together.


6. I Can't

Shannon's P.O.V.

The pasta is amazing. It tastes just like my moms. I stuff my face cause I'm so hungry. Harry eats just the same way. He slurps a string up and gets sauce on his nose. I take my finger and wipe it off. I lick my finger and he just stares at me smiling like an idiot. It's the cutest thing ever. We both finish at the same time and I grab his plate before he can protest. I get to the sink before he can even get to the kitchen.

It's so big that my apartment could fit into it. He sneaks up behind me, grabs my waist and twirls me around getting soap all over us. When he puts me down I'm facing him with my arms around his neck. There's bubbles in his hair. He looks in my eyes then at my lips, bites his lip, looks back at my eyes then starts to move in. God that was the hottest thing I've ever seen. I can't control myself and close the gap between us.

His lips are soft and warm on mine. It's over way to quick. He pulls away, looks at me, smiles and starts doing the dishes. I'm starstruck and completely shocked. I just stare at him. "I'm gonna be right back. Where's the toilet?" I ask him. "Down the hall, second door on the left." He didn't even look up when he said it. I run to the bathroom and the tears are streaming before I get there. I slam the door and lock it. My knees give out and I slide to the floor. He pulled away, I think. I don't understand he was happy and then nothing. I get up and go to the mirror. I start to take my make-up off. There was a pool in the back and I want to swim whether he's with me or not.

Harry P.O.V.

She's running to the bathroom. I can hear her crying and the door slam. "God, I'm such an ass." I say to myself. It's true. I kissed her and then didn't even look at her. I like her.... a little too much. I just can't look at her without imagining her with me. And just then kissing her I couldn't risk going to far. I sigh and go through the back sliding glass door. I don't even bother closing it. I look at the pool. The lights from the bottom make it glow. The ripples from the wind never end. I close my eyes and try to steady my breathing.

I feel hands on my waist but don't turn around. "Lets go swimming," Shannon says in my ear, then lifts the hem of my shirt up and finally over my head. She pulls me up to my feet. My eyes are still closed and I feel her undoing my belt and my pant fall like that. I step out of them and wait. There's breathing in front of me. "Harry, open your eyes." she says. I slowly open them and see her face. It's so close to mine and I can feel her hands on my neck. "Come swim with me." She pleads. Then Shannon turns around and jumps into the pool. She's in her underclothes also. I can't help it. I need her to touch me again. I go in after her. When I come up she's swimming away from me and I follow until she stops. Then all of a sudden there's a splash in my face and I can't see. I go under for a second to get myself together. When I come up she was right there in front of me. That devilish smile was on her lips again and it set fire to something inside. I reached and couldn't.... wouldn't stop.

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