Only One Night

I'm 18 and am in my 3rd year of college. Yeah I know. 3rd year?! I skipped some grades. Well, my story is about meeting a boy who when we met covered my in coffee. This boy is Harry Styles. This is the story of our one night together.


7. Chills All Around

Shannon's P.O.V.

I'm swimming and then I'm kissing Harry. He lifts me so my legs are around his waist and my hands in his hair. I've always wanted to be kissed in a pool. He started off with soft sweet kisses, but now they're more passionate and have more fire to them. He's got me in this grip where he has one arm around my waist holding me up and the other cradling my face. I pull away and look into his eyes. "I love you." I don't know which one of said it first, but it was out and we just smiled at each other for awhile until Harry spoke. "I need you. I have to have you near me. I won't let anything happen to you. I'll keep you safe and...." I kiss him to stop him from saying more. "I know Harry. I promise to love you every moment of forever until we're past forever. I need you as much as you need me. That's all that needs to be said." I smile and kiss him with the most upright passion I have ever felt. He smiles while I kiss him which makes me smile. I pull away laughing."Let go inside I'm freezing." I say. He kisses my forehead and picked me up wedding style. He walked up the pool stairs onto the patio and through the door that lead to the living room. 

Harry's P.O.V.

She's as light as a feather. The feel of my hands on her legs is so magical. I don't know. I get this tingling feeling whenever I touch her. I walk through the sliding glass door into the living room. I carry he up the long stair case of 30 some steps, turn right and head for my room. Shannon clutches my neck and pulls herself closer to me. She's shivering so much. I walk a little faster to my room. I place her on my bed and pull the covers over her so she can warm up. I go to me closet and get my purple Jack Wills sweatshirt. I give it to her and she throws it on right away. I get up, go to my dresser and look for some sweatpants. I find some greenish kind of sweats that I throw to her and find clothes for me to wear.


Shannon is still shivering so I bring her down stairs on to the living room couch and pill blankets on her. After about 5 minutes she stops shivering. I go to the kitchen and make some tea for us. When I come back Shannon's eyes are closed. I sit next to her and she cuddles closer to me. "I love you." She mumbles through the blankets. "I love you more." I say. I plant a kiss on her head and then without anytime at all she's fast asleep

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