summer with one direction

sam was at the beach one day when she ran in to harry was it love or not


1. the beach

 my friend was text me grace i am fine i am having  so much fun ok so are you having fun in england yup she said but i didn't know who i just ran in to oh i am so sorry it's ok the boy said what's you're name i asked when i got up harry harry asked for my name it's sam oh sam i have to go meet me back here at 6:30 ok ok bye i text grace and said grace i just ran in to a boy he said to meet him here at 6:30 and his name is harry grace text me back sam that is so cool i no right but i have to go ok bye so i run to my car and i drive to my place for the summer and i go to my room to get on my computer and i check facebook i have a friend that wants to be my friend on facebook and it was harry so add him as my friend and i post to facebook ran in to a boy at the beach today and i log of that's when i  looked at the time 5:00 clock i go jump in the shower and after that i put on some pants and a top on and i go to my car and go back to the beach and wait that's when i here harry say hi sam hi harry i said what's up nothing much oh so he asked me what do you what to do i don't know let's go over there to the boardwalk ok so when we get to the boardwalk he asked me what i like to do. Harry's prov. i asked her what she likes to do she said i like to hang out with my friends then she asked me what i liked to do i said i like to hang out with my friends and make music that's cool she said she just looked beautiful i just want to kiss her so i did she didn't pull back put i did i am sorry i said it's ok she said i asked her do you have a mom or dad no she said will you tell me yes she said my mom died of the flu and my dad died of a spider bite oh sam i am so sorry it's ok she asked me if i came with my friends i said yes i said do you whan't to go eat she said yes 


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