Believe in love

This story is not mine! I got it off of instagram. If you want to find it on instagram the tag is #believeinlovefanfic :)


5. Chapter 4

Natasha's POV:

   "What do you wanna do first?" Hannah asked giggling. "Ha. I don't know." I said staring out my window. All of a sudden we past the most beautiful beach I've ever seen. It was full of surfers and girls playing volleyball. I pushed up my aviators to my forehead. "Hannah did you bring your swimsuit?" I asked quickly. "Umm yes." She answered shooting me a confused look. "Let's go surfing!" I exclaimed. "How do I look?" I said walking out of the changing stall. I was pleased of my black bikini and my white shorts. This was my favorite outfit. I smiled and for the first time in a long time I actually felt pretty.... "Perfect!" Hannah said clapping her hands together. I focused on her outfit. She was wearing a pink bikini with a tank top and some golden sandals. "Come on Natasha!" She said walking out giggling. We could both tell we were excited. We were in Malibu! One of the surfing capitols of the world and one of our favorite hobbies is surfing! As we walked out to look for a good spot to settle Hannah gasped. "This beach is beautiful!" and it was. The color of the beach was aquamarine with huge enormous waves. There was nothing like this at our small town. We finally found a spot close to a surfboard shack. Hannah and I layed down our stuff and took off our covers and sandals. "I'll get the surfboards." I said winking. As I walked up to the shack I noticed many guys looking my way. I rolled my eyes. "Can I help you?" a tall girl with blonde hair said smiling. "yes. Can I rent two surfboards?" I said. "Sure coming right up." she said going into a closet. I looked at my surroundings still in disbelief that I was actually here with my bestest friend. I spotted a huge RV at the side of the private beach. I focused hard on three boys playing in the water and two boys that looked like they were laughing and sitting on the sand. I knew those boys from somewhere. I focused my eyesight and tried to make out what they look liked but, they were so far away. They could be anyone....

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