Believe in love

This story is not mine! I got it off of instagram. If you want to find it on instagram the tag is #believeinlovefanfic :)


3. Chapter 2 (Part 2)

Natasha's POV:

   "How bout this?" I said walking out of my closet seeing Hannah look up from her phone. "Natasha! Omg that's amazing! Did you make it?............You look like Harry." She said with a smirk. I looked down at my hand made blazer with Harry's initials on the top right corner. I smoother out my jean shorts that I painted "1D" in every color on it. "It's a work of art!" Hannah exclaimed. "Thanks! I was thinking of wearing it to the concert!" I said smiling like an idiot. "Concert.... what concert?" She said with her eyes wide. "This one." I said placing a red fitted polo, some Kakis shorts and a concert ticket next to her. "Holy flacking ginger Jesus." She whispered plopping on my bed. Suddenly she got up, standing on my bed. "OMG!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!!!!" She said jumping up and down. "I CAN'T WAIT!!" she screamed. "go try it on!" I nudged her playfully. I then got up to Hannah's phone that was blinking with a text. "Who is it?" Hannah said from my closet. "It's your parents." I said reading the message. "Tell them I love them and that I'll see them tomorrow morning!" She said giggling. "Haha okay!" I said texting Mr. and Mrs. Berkins. When I pressed the home button a picture of Adrian popped up. My eyebrows furrowed in anger. "Hannah what is this?" I said placing my hand on my hip, showing Hannah the screen. As soon as she saw the screen her smile faded and she looked down. "I miss him......" she said, tears starting to form in her eyes. "Hannah you don't need him. He dumped you and he's not good enough for you. You need to move on. He was never there for you and you deserve someone a lot better." I said hugging her tightly noticing that she was already crying. I wish Hannah saw what I saw all these years. She was so beautiful and she didn't even notice all the people who loved and adored her. Everything someone told me I was gorgeous or how pretty I was I always smiled or said thanks but in reality I thought I was a regular person compared to my best friend. Her personality and everything about her is amazing and as her best friend I will always look out for her and from now on Hannah would only get the best. She deserves someone better than Adrian. Someone who cares for her or only gives her the best. I can't stand seeing my friend getting hurt. She deserves a gentleman. Someone who can protect her from harm. Someone who loves her more than he loves himself. Perhaps......she deserves someone....Someone like Niall......

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