Believe in love

This story is not mine! I got it off of instagram. If you want to find it on instagram the tag is #believeinlovefanfic :)


15. Chapter 13

Natasha's POV:

I heard a beeping sound. I instantly woke up and sat up on my bed. I looked around.

"Five more minutes" Katie moaned. I laughed quietly then quickly grabbed my phone noticing that sound was my ringtone. Hannah's name appeared across the screen. My eyes teared up, thankful she was hopefully okay.

"Han... Where the hell are you?" Questions and more questions came from my mouth as I was talking to Hannah.

"Nat I'm alright. I'm fine. When we were walking back to the car I was right behind you and Katie. I got hit by a football by some guy and passed out. I woke up at his house." Hannah said into the receiver. I sighed in relief happy that she's okay.

"Wait... you guys didn't have...." I asked curiously.

"No! No! Nat you know me!" Hannah said quickly. I could hear her laughing, "Perv!" she said jokingly. I laughed and turned around to face Katie laughing aswell.

"Hanz I know you wouldn't! Well I'm glad you're okay.....So where are you?" I asked.

"A hotel." Hannah said smoothly.

"Who hit you with a football?" I asked giggling.

Hannah's voice got serious, "You wouldn't believe me."




I finally decided not to be lazy and updated haha. So I was wondering if you guys can check out my story "My One Direction Experience" for the 1SHOT41D contest and possibly like/comment/favorite or even just telling your friends about it will be great! Thanks if you do!

-Rach xox (:

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