Believe in love

This story is not mine! I got it off of instagram. If you want to find it on instagram the tag is #believeinlovefanfic :)


14. Chapter 12

Natasha's POV (this is from when they were trying to find Hannah):

After retracing our steps trying to find where Hannah was, Katie decided it was best we rented a hotel. When we got to our room I just lost it.

"I can't believe I let this happen..." I sobbed into Katie's shoulder.

"It's okay's okay, just let it out." she said sympathetically. Call me weird but her Australian accent was actually pretty soothing. When I finished crying Katie and I called Hannah countless times. We texted her. We left voicemails. No answer. I decided it was best to wait. After Katie got out of the shower, I took one aswell. As I finished getting dressed, I stepped into the living room.

"Wow" I said astonished. There was popcorn and ice cream layed out on a blanket.

"It's Girls' Night!" Katie giggled.

"This is amazing!" I said.

"I made the ice cream from scratch and I have some movies we could watch." Katie said  holding up Titanic, Easy A, and a bunch of my other favorite movies. Next to Katie on the blanket was a make-up kit and some hair accessories. I squealed in excitement but covered my mouth quickly. Katie laughed and she snorted which made us laugh even more. We put on Titanic first while doing our nails, make-up and doing each others hair. I was applying some nail polish to Katie's toes while she was braiding my hair.

"It's funny because I've felt like I've know you forever." I said quietly.

"You and Hannah are like sisters to me." she said while hugging me softly, "soooo who's your favorite?" she asked randomly.

"what do you mean?" I said confused.

"The boys." she said.

"Well...I love all of them equally...but, I have a soft spot for Harry.." I sad feeling my cheeks get hot, "what about you?" I asked Katie.

"Well...I have a crush on Josh." she said looking down.

"Haha that's interesting." I said. We finished our make-up, did each others hair, and nails.

"Wow...." we said at the same time. We were looking in the mirror and for once... I actually felt beautiful.. :)

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