Unwanted Paws

Lindsey, a 12 year old girl loves her new puppy,Sushi! But what if she was magical somehow, someway.... What if......


2. The Secret on the school bus

ON THE BUS Lindsey sat next to her friend Betty and took the window seat. After 2 min.  she got her bookbag under her chair and slid the zipper open slowly. Her little pup was fast asleep! That was good news!!  Betty glanced inside the bookbag and made her eyes really big when she saw what was in the bag."ARE YOU CRAZY?!??! You're bringing your DOG to SCHOOL?!?!" Betty said in a whisper scream. "Yes. I'm bringing my....WAIT! My dog is not a dog he's a puppy and our school NEVER said we couldn't bring  puppy's to school." Whispered Lindsey. "Well when you put it that way I guess your right..." Betty said. 

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