Unwanted Paws

Lindsey, a 12 year old girl loves her new puppy,Sushi! But what if she was magical somehow, someway.... What if......


3. Sleepy Little Pup

When they arrived at Allington Middle School, Lindsey walked quickly to her homeroom. She peeked in her book bag and Sushi was was STILL sleeping! Lindsey was so happy! Lindsey thought to herself:

" Good thing in Middle School they have lockers so I can pick up my books instead of put them in my bag!" 


After home room Lindsey got to her locker ASAP! She took her Social Studies book and took put her book bag on the middle shelf . Lindsey opened her book bag so taciturn (quietly) no one noticed Sushi! Sushi was awake but still sleepy!  Lindsey had some dog treats and a water bottle and fed them to Sushi. She petted Sushi gently and she went back to sleep! Then the bell rang for History class.

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