Unwanted Paws

Lindsey, a 12 year old girl loves her new puppy,Sushi! But what if she was magical somehow, someway.... What if......


7. Ms.Procks Liquids

Ms.Prock saw the big, smelly, nasty, pee stain leaking out of Lindsey's backpack. Then Sushi started barking! Ms. Prock screamed and dropped Lindsey's bag on the floor!

Sushi, somehow managed to squeeze out of Lindsey's backpack! Sushi barked and and ran to Suzy. The whole class said "Awww" when they saw Lindsey's cute puppy. Before Ms.Prock could punish someone or yell at someone, Sushi thought it was playtime and  ran around the classroom twice! Lindsey would've gotten up and caught Sushi but she was afraid of Ms.Prock. Just as Lindsey thought things wouldn't get any worse, they did.

Sushi jumped on Ms.Procks desk and spilled her 3 science expirements on the floor. When the science expirements spilled, they all collided and made this weird color, steam came out of it too!

Then, Sushi jumped down and drank that weird concoction on the floor. Lindsey wasn't worried her dog drank some weird liquid that was made by Ms.Proc right now, she was worried that Ms.Prock would do something HORRIBLE to her dog and to her. 

Lindsey thought:

If Ms.Prock kicked out Billy just for bringing his iphone (witch was off) think what would happen if a dog ran around the classroom and knocked off her "special" expirement she has been on for 3 whole years?!!?!

 Ms.Procks face was speechless, she didn't say a single word. She didn't even look like Ms.Prock anymore, her face was kinda green then she vommited on the floor.

The bell rang, Lindsey was so happy she was saved by the bell. Sushi jumped into Lindsey's arms. After that, Lindsey was the first one out the door with Sushi in her arms. 

Lindsey walked in the hallway, with her puppy in her arms. She couldn't belive what just happened, she was just glad it was over and it was dissmissel time. 

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