Unwanted Paws

Lindsey, a 12 year old girl loves her new puppy,Sushi! But what if she was magical somehow, someway.... What if......


4. Lunch with my Pup

History was very short because a subsitute was their so she just passed out worksheets that were easy. Lindsey was so happy! By the time the bell rang, Lindsey was starving she grabbed her book bag carefully and ran to the lunch room.

Lindsey sat at the back table where nobody sits. Lindsey spotted Betty and waved her hand. When Betty got to the table she said "I still can't belive you brought your dog to school!"

Lindsey said "Shut up! Stay here with Sushi, while I get my lunch!"  

When Lindsey came back Betty was rocking Lindsey's bag back and forth. Some boys stared and Betty and laughed. Lindsey was so embarresed, she quickly walked to the back table and asked Betty "What the heck are you doing?!?!"

"Sushi was crying! I didn't know what to do. I'm not a dog person! But I do have a baby brother and this makes him stop crying." said Betty. 

"Aww! Well at least she's sleeping again! She was probably thirsty that's why she was crying. I gotta give her something to drink" Lindsey said. She tapped Sushi's head and you could see his little eyelashes move and his eyes open. Lindsey uncapped the bottle uncapped the water bottle and gave a sip to Sushi. But she just kept drinking and drinking, she was really thirsty. Sushi drank the whole water bottle!!!

Then she went back to sleep.


After lunch, Lindsey was wondering what class she would have next..... it was Science! Do you know what this means? It means that Ms.Prock the STRICTEST, MEANEST TEACHER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD is in that classroom! Lindsey was so scared of her and she didn't want to bring in her dog!! So many questions were going through her head but the main one was:


     Lindsey started worrying about Sushi because she heard nothing from her backpack.When Lindsey was halfway to her Science class  she checked her backpack and Sushi was still sleeping!!!

GOOD! If Sushi is still asleep Ms.Proc will never hear her! 

Lindsey thought to herself. 

Lindsey's stress limit went from bad to good!

But she didn't know her stress limit would go to good to HORRIBLE when she steps in the classroom! 

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