Unwanted Paws

Lindsey, a 12 year old girl loves her new puppy,Sushi! But what if she was magical somehow, someway.... What if......


1. A Regular Morning

12 year old,Lindsey Benson laid in her bed next to her new black puppy, Sushi, in her arms. Lindsey fell fast asleep with Sushi in her arms.   

The next day was Monday. Lindsey didn't want to leave Sushi home. Lindsey thought for a few minutes. She smiled then got ready for school.

When she came down downstairs, her mother gave Lindsey her favorite breakfast. Scrambled eggs with bacon on the side, it was DELICIOUS! When her mother wasn't looking Lindsey put Sushi in her... BOOKBAG!!!!! She said "bye" to her mom and was already on her way to the school bus.








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