Secret Suprises

23 year old Annebeth Is going on a Winter Break with her room mate Ebony. Little does she know, that things go for an ugly change in event....


5. Things Are Told

I was mad at Eb for plenty of reasons, but I'm mad at her for certain reasons.  One: We use the same credit card, so she bought those plane tickets (I know Rocky didn't, because he doesn't have a job, and he's broke... connect the dots. He lives off his parents. Figures). BUT that credit card is for emergencies only. Is wanting to fly off with your boyfriend for the holidays an emergency? I think not. Two: I'm claustrophobic. And she knows it. Even big spaces like planes make me nauseous. Do I want to throwing up in front on Dan? I don't think so. Not that I care or anything.... anyways, I was on a street, speeding , with punk rock blasting through my stereo. My red, fiery, hair Is frazzeled. (For some reason, every time I get mad, my freckles come out. And I don't mean just in my cheeks, they come out EVERYWHERE. My face, arms, even legs!) Anyways, by the time I got to the park, I had cooled down a bit from what had happened back at home. I also sort of forgot about it. Until I saw Rocky at the park. And he waved. At me. And got near my car. I would've ran him over, but I thought of Ebony (and jail) & I put on a fake smile, and got out the car.

"Hey Anne!" I could tell his smile was fake, too. Not that I cared.

"Hi Rocky!" I said, less enthusiastic.

"So did Eb, tell you about-"

"Oh, yeah! She told me all about the trip. Can't wait!" Lie.

"Good, good. So um, you ever been to Alaska?"

"No. I've always wanted to go, though." Another lie.

"Well, um see you later!" He said. Yeah right.

"Bye!" I said running. "Looking forward to the plane trip!" TOTAL LIE. See how weird our conversations are??


I was listening to Pandora, while running through the trail at the park. Then, I saw Rocky on the phone, and thought I'd eavesdrop on his conversation. (I know it was bad, but hey, I was feeling bad.) As I carefully inched closer, without making a sound, I heard more, and more. "Samantha, you know I don't! I was going to during Thanksgiving, but I didn't have enough time, and you know that! Yes, YES! SAMANTHA!" Samantha? Who's that? Whoever she is, she sounds like a pain. He continues. "Yes, I know, Ebony WILL be gone by the time winter break is over!" I turn a pale, white color, and step back.  craaaakk. I stepped on a twig. "Samantha, I'm gonna have to call you back." He said, looking over his shoulder. crud. I'm a goner.         




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