Secret Suprises

23 year old Annebeth Is going on a Winter Break with her room mate Ebony. Little does she know, that things go for an ugly change in event....


6. Sleepy People

"Anne? What are you doing!?! Did you hear my conversation??"

"What? No! Me? Eavesdropping? Please!" I could feel cheeks burning.

"Then, what were you doing?" Uh oh, now we have a problem.

Now my cheeks look like cherries.

"See, um, I was *ehem* there was, um,"

"I'm listening...."

"Well, um, there was , um, a bird, and uh, he took my phone, and um, dropped it at this tree, and I came to come pick it up, and um, that's when I stepped on the twig. Yeah, thats what happened!" I know, lame answer, but thats all I thought of.

"Oh, well that makes sense, I guess." And he was stupid enough to believe that. (I should be happy about this, and yet I have an urge to slap him... -.-)

"Well, see you later!" He had this suspicious look in his eyes. He's on to me. That's just great.

"Bye, Rocky!" I said running off. This time I ran just to get away from him. 


On the ride home, I thought. Hard. Okay, Rocky may be an annoying jerk, who's always breaking his girlfriend heart, but he's not a MURDERER! Right? RIGHT?? There's, only two definitions for the word gone. (shiver) 

One: As in not there, like, She was gone away for the week. Or, two: as in GONE. Like, She was gone forever, she died. I'm REALLY hoping its the first one. Rocky really isn't a violent person! Except that time I found a knife in his sock drawer, (don't ask how I ended up THERE...) but he said he was trying to put holes in his socks, but I never believed him. That was during Thanksgiving!! o.0 Maybe I'm just over thinking this WHOLE thing! I'll think more after I've slept, because I'm TIRED. By this time I was already putting the keys into my front door.


When I first got in the house, I scoped the house for Eb, making sure was alright. I found her already knocked out on her bed, with a bottle of nail polish in one hand, and a bottle of tequilla in the other. Very bad mixture. (Note to self: Make sure Ebony brings no more Tequilla into the house.) I went to my room, and turned on the fan. I striped off my hot, sweaty clothing, and threw them into my orange, hamper. I slid into my fuzzy, orange, matching house coat and slippers, grabbed my phone, and slowly trudged myself into my bathroom. I couldn't decide whether to take a bath, or a shower, so I flipped a coin. "Heads, Bubble bath, Tails, shower." *flip*  "Tails. Darn. Oh, well... I took a power walk! I deserve a bubble bath!" I start running the water, and added my favorite bubble bath mixture. Mmmm, green apple scented. Also, I turned on the stereo (we have one in the bathroom, cool, huh?) As I slowly lowered myself into my tub, I let the thin, bubbly, feeling wrap around me, like a smooth, silky sheet. I let the soft, mellow lyrics of Adele fill the room.

Whenever I'm alone with you, 

You make me feel like I am home again,

Whenever I'm alone with you, 

You make me feel like I am whole again...

I rested my head on the plush, (waterproof) soft, headrest I got from bath and bodyworks, and gently closed my eyes. It felt so good to feel prickly bubbles pop between my toes. All my troubles slowly slid away from me. By the time, 'Set Fire to the Rain' came on the album, I was already gently snoring.           




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