Secret Suprises

23 year old Annebeth Is going on a Winter Break with her room mate Ebony. Little does she know, that things go for an ugly change in event....


3. Rocky & Back Stories

"What do you mean?" I said with a confused look on my face. "I mean, that we spend the Holidays at Rocky's house. Oh no. Rocky is a no-good-girlfriend  stealing jerk. He's one of those pretty boys who can talk girls into whatever he wants. And  I've hated him ever since we met in 9th grade. I'll remember it like it was yesterday: ("Annebeth, this is Rocky. Rocky this is Annebeth". Rocky said "Hey babe." I got so furious I slapped him. I told him "I can't believe he had to to be so sexist that he had to call women 'Babe' and not by their first name"). Ebony, and him, have been dating since 10th grade, when she cheated on Dan with Rocky. I will never understand why she broke up with Dan for  that thing she calls her boyfriend! Dan was such a great guy, and he never cut classes. I actually would've asked him out myself, but of course I was always the shy best friend, so I didn't. And Eb was the go-getter best friend, so of course she got him. But whatever. Back to the conversation!                      


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