Secret Suprises

23 year old Annebeth Is going on a Winter Break with her room mate Ebony. Little does she know, that things go for an ugly change in event....


7. Phone Calls in Love

I was awoken by the loud ring of my phone. Not bothering to look at the caller ID, I pick it up.

"Hulllooo?" I said in a sleepy, soft, slurred voice.

"Hullo, Annebeth! It's me, Dan!"

"Very funny, Rocky! Get off my freakin' phone! Are you drunk, or somethin'? I'll hang up on you!" I said, in a still slurred voice, but more annoyed voice.

"No! Don't hang up! It's really me! No jokes. I swear!"

Now, fully awake I prop myself up, making the water slosh around, disturbing the peacefulness of how the bubbles looked.

"Oh, really! I'm so sorry! It's just that Rocky likes to prank call me, and Ebony in the middle-" He cuts me off.

"Why do I hear water! What the heck are you doing with water at this time at night!?"

"Um, yeah. I was kind of taking a green apple scented bubble bath, before you called." There was an awkward silence. Then, he just blurted out, " Don't you think its kind of weird to be taking a green apple scented bubble bath at 2 am?"

"I don't know, don't YOU think its kind of weird to be calling someone taking a green apple scented bubble bath at 2 am? I said in a jokingly voice.

"No." We both laughed.

"So, anyways why'd you call?" I said, starting to draw little hearts on the steamed window beside me.

"What?" he said, in a surprised voice. 

"Why'd you call? you must've had a reason, right?" I said now drawing his NAME in the hearts. (I know, childish, right? but I guess that's what love does to you, not this is love, or anything....)

"Oh, right. Yeah, well I was going to ask you would you like to go out tomorrow, for lunch. Say around, 2?" he said. God, his british accent is awesome. (Yeah, I know, he's british. How hot? Oh gosh, I think this IS love. That's not good. At all.)

"Hullo? Is anyone there?" He said, I clearly forgot he was on the other line!

"Oh! Right! Im so sorry, zoned completely out! What were you saying?"

"I asked you to lunch, Remember? Gosh, Anne, your so absent minded!" He said chuckling. I completely froze. I turned pink. No kidding. I wanted to speak, but what would I say? I had to say SOMETHING. Speak, girl! SPEAK!

"Uhhhh" Yeah, perfect thing to say. -.-

"I know you might be surprised, but I just thought, we could get together, and you know chat, and so, on the plane trip we won't be totally speechless." 

"Uh, I guess. Where do you want to go?" I said still shocked. (and TOTALLY DELIGHTED!!)

"Don't worry, I've already set that up! I'll see you tomorrow! See you  then! I'll pick you up, around 2! Bye."

"Bye, Dan."


After that, I remembered nothing. All I remember is the sweet smell of green apple putting me to sleep in my warm, comfy bed. 



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