Secret Suprises

23 year old Annebeth Is going on a Winter Break with her room mate Ebony. Little does she know, that things go for an ugly change in event....


8. Interesting Days

In the morning, I blissfully wake up to the sound of my alarm clock, at six a.m. (I was in a better mood, since the conversation) and and put on some sweats, and pull my hair back into a sloppy bun. I tiptoe into Annebeth's room, to see if she's still sleep. Knocked out. Hard.

"Sleep well, my little bunny!" I whisper. I was in a scary happy mood. I scared myself. I happily bounce down the hallway, and into the kitchen.I started making breakfast. Yes, I made BREAKFAST. The same person who makes eggo waffles every morning in the microwave, and not the cheap Jimmy Deans heatable sausage biscuits. Nope, I'm talking scrambled eggs, bacon, orange juice, (hand-squeezed) biscuits, (from scratch) pancakes, (also scratch) sausage, And bowls of cereal! I hear footsteps come running down the hallway.

"Is everything alright!?! I smelt the oven, and thought you trying to commit suicide, by throwing yourself in there!" Even she didn't think that I would make breakfast.

"Oh, hey Ebony! Come sit down! I'm making breakfast! Everything will be done in a minute!" I said, looking as sweet as I could be.

"Ok, who the heck are you, and where is my Anne!?!" And she was like, freaking serious. -.- I couldn't blame her though, I'm not that much of a cooker (or a cleaner, or a morning person...).

"It's me Eb, I'm not anyone one else." I said, rolling my eyes.

"Either your high, or you drank some of my Tequilla! Which one, it better be the first one!!" she said.

"I did neither, Eb. God! Can't a girl cook a good breakfast for herself, and roommate without being judged?"

"Not when that girl is Annebeth Hase. Now what's up? You can't lie to me!! I've got laser hearing!!" Now, I love Eb, but she sometimes can be a little off, especially after Tequilla.

"Must I tell you everything in my life?"

"Yes, and you will tell me EVERYTHING in therapy, after we eat this delicious meal."

"No, Eb, I'm not doing any more of your psychology mess. I've already been to 7 SESSIONS this week! I'm perfectly fine. See? I've got a smile from ear, to ear." I said, desperately trying to get out of her 'Therapy Sessions.'

"Nope, you're not getting out of this. Now, eat breakfast. We go to living room after." I let out of aggravated groan. I set up our plates, and got the food off the stove, and got the rest out of the oven. I set it all out in front of Eb, and I swear, her eyes got as big as apples.

"YOU made all this!?! Whatever you did, when you do it again, give ME some!!!" She said. I smirked. If only she knew.... We ate breakfast (more like inhaled breakfast, yeah, it was that good) and, she & I cleaned (I made her). Then, she dragged me into the living room, And the fun begins....                           

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