Broken Hearts & Last Goodbyes. Lacie's P.O.V

Lacie's Point of View of the book, 'Broken Hearts and Last Goodbyes' written by Megan Jones.
Four best friends go to London for the summer and end up meeting the boys of their dreams. Literally, the boys they have dreamt about for years. Everything starts going great. Then people are betrayed, fights break out, tears are shed, and people change. The summer ends up being nothing like we expected.


6. Shopping.


I woke up to Niall getting off the bed. I looked at his alarm clock and it read 7:56 am. I looked at him and whispered "Why are you up so early?" 

He jumped a little, I must have startled him. "The boys and I have got some errands to do. Wanna join?" 

"Yeah I'll come. Where are we going?" 

"Just to a few stores. We have to get some clothes and such. We'll probably go out for lunch too." 

"Okay, when are we leaving?" 

"About a half hour or so. I'm just going to jump in the shower really quick."

"Okay." I said smiling.  He slid off the bed and walked over to the closet. He grabbed some clothes and left the room.

I sat up and stretched out my arms. I looked around and took a deep breath. I went downstairs and got a drink. I saw Zayn munching on a piece of toast. 

"Hey, loser." I said sitting in the chair across from him.

"Well goodmorning to you, too." He said looking up and laughing.

I took the other piece of toast and took a bite. 

"Hey! Make your own!"

  "Shut up."

He laughed and took the piece of toast from my hand and licked it. Then, handing it back to me he asked "Do you still want it now?" 

I laughed and said "You're so cool. Oh My God. Teach me how to be as cool as you please." In a sarcastic tone. 

He put the toast back on his plate. "Ouch." 

"I was kidding, faggot." 

"You better be kidding bitch." 

We both laughed and we ended up talking for a few minutes, then I went upstairs to get ready. When I got back in the room, I checked my phone and saw that I had three missed calls from my little brother and a text from him saying "Please call me as soon as u can." he had sent me the text message at one in the morning. I jumped up and called him. 

He answered on the third ring, "Hello." He said.

"Hey, what's wrong?" 

"What do you think?" 

"Were they fighting again?" He didn't say anything. 

"Joey, answer me. Are you alright?" 

"Yeah they were fighting. I haven't slept yet because of it. Dad started to have seizures again, the cops and ambulances came. He's in the hospital right now mom is with him. I keep trying to call but they wont answer the phone. Nana's on her way home now to take me to see him. But it was so bad, Lacie. And I didn't know what to do. I wish you were here." 

I started to cry and I said, "Joey, oh my God. If I could I would get on the next flight back. I don't even know what to say right now. Why were they arguing?" 

"I have no clue. They started at my football practice and it went all night. You know them, they fight over literally nothing." 

I paused as Niall walked in the door in nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. He saw that I was crying and mouthed the words "You okay, babe." To me. I put up my finger as if to tell him to hang on a moment. 

"Joey, I love you okay. And as soon as you get to the hospital and find out what's going on with dad I want you to call me. Do you understand?" 

"Yeah. I understand and I will. I'm just really scared. I don't want anything to happen to him." I could tell that he had started crying now, which made me cry even harder. I sat down on the bed and said "I know. I'm scared, too. But just keep your head up, okay. He'll be alright, he's a fighter. He'll get through this." 

Niall walked over to me and wiped the tears from my eyes. He sat down next to me still in his towel and gently rubbed my back. 

"I hope so, Lace. Nana just got here, so I'll call you when I get to the hospital. I love you and I miss you so much." 

"I love you and I miss you too. I'll be home before you know it. And you better call."  "I will, promise. Love you." 

I hung up the phone and just completely broke down. Niall pulled me into his arms and just hugged me.  "Is everything okay?" He asked. 

"No. It's not. My dad is in the hospital, my parents are fighting once again. And I wasn't there for my little brother when he needed me." I burried my head into his shoulder and just cried. 

"It will be alright. Don't cry please. I hate seeing you cry." 

I didn't say anything, just kept crying. He continued to rub my back and kissed my forhead. After a few minutes I pulled back and wiped my eyes. 

"I'm sorry." 

"Hey," He said pushing a piece of hair behind me ear. "Don't be sorry. You did nothing wrong, If anything, I should be the one that's sorry. Because I don't know how to help you, I don't know what you're going through so I can't help." 

"You're already helping, Niall. Just by being here." 

He pulled me in for a kiss and said "I'll always be here for you." 

I smiled and stood up from the bed. "Well, what are we waiting for? We have to leave soon don't we?" 

"haha, yeah we do." He walked over to the bureau and grabbed his clothes. "You don't mind if I change in here, right?" 

"Not at all." I said laughing. 

I walked over to the bag I brought and looked for something to wear. I grabbed some yogas and my Demi Lovato shirt that I got from her concert back in 2012. After Niall and I were finished getting dressed there was a knock at the door.  "Come in." I said.

The door opened and Harry walked in.  "You two love birds almost ready?" he said with a big grin on his face.

"Yeah, just about. I just need to brush my teeth real quick." I answered grabbing my toothbrush and walking to the bathroom. 

"Alright, we're leaving in ten!"  As I was brushing my teeth I could hear Niall and Haz talking. I couldn't make out exactly what they were saying, but I didn't really think too much of it. When I was finally finished I went downstairs and saw Jacki, Shayla, Niall, Louis, Harry, Liam, and Zayn sitting on the couches. 

"Where's Megan?"

"Sleeping," Said Harry. "I didn't want to wake her so I just left a note." 

"Oh, okie dokie." I said. 

Everyone stood up and started to walk towards the door. Everyone except Liam.

"Are you coming?" I asked. 

"No. I'm staying here." As he said this he didn't even look up at me. His eyes were glued to his phone for some reason. 

"Okay, well I'll see you later. Bye!" 

"K." He said.

  Niall, Harry, Shayla, and I went in Hazza's car. Shayla sitting in the passanger seat, and Niall and I in the back. Louis, Jacki, and Zayn went in Lou's car. 

"Where to first?" Said Shay. 

Harry turned to look at Shayla, "The mall. I need some new clothes." 

"Deuce, okay." She replied. 

As we started to drive Niall said "Yo, put on some music. It's too quiet." 

"What do you want to listen to?" Asked Harry. 


Harry put on the radio and the volume ust have been up all the way, because boy was it loud. I got scared and nearly jumped out of the seat. Niall looked at me and lauged,

"You okay, babe?" 

"Yeah. It just scared me." I said laughing. 

He put his hand on my thigh and smiled. "You're too cute." 

"Ha. Thanks, you're not so bad youself there." I grabbed his hand and inter-locked our fingers.  Niall leaned in and kissed me on the forhead. I got chills remembering the night before. 

The drive took about fifteen minutes and during that time we all talked, had a few laughs, and jammed out to music. When we pulled into the parking lot Harry and Shayla started to get out of the car.

As I reached for the handle Niall grabbed my wrist, spun me around, and kissed me. I pulled bad shocked. "What was that for?" I asked. 

"Because, I don't know how long it's going to be until I can do that again. I can't do it out in public." 

"Oh." I said. "In that case" I stopped talking and went in for another kiss. 

"Let's go bitch." Said Shayla. 

"I'll fight you." I replied. We laughed and Niall and I got out of the car. We made our ways into the mall and immediately heard a scream. 

"OH MY GOD" A group of five girls ran over to us. "OH MY GOD!" The screamed again. Shayla and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes. 

"Let's go." I said. Her and I walked over to a table and sat down.  "

How's everything with you two?" She asked.

"It's good. We almost had sex last night."  Her jaw dropped.

"Um what?" 

"Yeah. haha, but I told him to stop because I wasn't ready. He wasn't mad or anything. He said he wasn't ready either. But DAMN. That kid can kiss. Shayla, I was like, peeing my pants. It was perfect, and it was kinky. Just like I always imagined." I felt as if we were in highschool again. We would talk like this all the time. About the boys. But now, it's happening. I continued with my conversation. "Chays. You don't understand. I wanted to just get on top of him and fu-" Just then I got interrupted. 

"Wow. I'll never get used to that." I heard Harry say as he pulled up a chair and sat next to Shayla. 

"We'll finish this conversation later." I whispered to Shayla laughing. 

Niall came over and sat next to Haz. "Why'd you guys leave?" 

"Why wouldn't we?" Said Shayla. "They weren't screaming for us."

The four of us laughed. Just then, Jacki, Louis, and Zayn walked in. Once again, the same girls started screaming. 

Jacki jumped and ran over to us. "Holy shit." She said. She sat down next to me and said "Did they do that to you guys too?" 

"Yep." I answered. 

I heard one of the girls say "Where's Liam? Is he okay?" 

"Yes, he's fine. He's just feeling a bit tired he's at home resting." 

The girls were staring at us. I looked at Jacki and said, "Yo, these bitches keep grillin' me I swear to God. I will take out my weave and go Ape Shit on their ass." Obviously I was just kidding. (I don't really have a weave)

Zayn and Lou walked over and joined us at the table once they were done with the pictures. We sat for about ten minutes and talked some more. Just then Niall stood up, "Well let's go shopping mates! That is why we're here aint it?"  The six of us stood up, threw out what was left of the food, and started shopping.   

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