Broken Hearts & Last Goodbyes. Lacie's P.O.V

Lacie's Point of View of the book, 'Broken Hearts and Last Goodbyes' written by Megan Jones.
Four best friends go to London for the summer and end up meeting the boys of their dreams. Literally, the boys they have dreamt about for years. Everything starts going great. Then people are betrayed, fights break out, tears are shed, and people change. The summer ends up being nothing like we expected.


7. idk what to call this chapter so hi.


After about an hour of walking in and out or stores, trying on clothes, and trying to avoid fangirls, we all met up again at the food court and got ready to leave. It was the same arrangments as the way there; Niall, Shayla, Harry, and I in one car and Jacki, Louis, and Zayn in the other. On the drive back we got stopped by some major traffic. Up ahead all we could see was police light, and ambulance lights

.    "I wonder what happened." Said Shayla.   

"Yeah, I know. Me too." Said Niall sort of standing up to lean over the seat, hoping he could get a better glimpse of what was going on. 

  Twenty minutes passed and finally we were up closer to all the action. For the most part, it was all cleaned up. There was an old man, and a younger woman; perhaps his daughter? They were hugging and crying. Next to them was a bunch of shattered glass and what looked like blood on the ground.   

I gasped and closed my eyes, turning towards Niall and hugging him. He threw his arms around me, "It's okay. Don't worry, we're almost past it." 

  I couldn't help but feel so sorry for the people. One of my weaknesses is seeing old people cry. It breaks my heart. 

  "Is it gone?" I asked lifting my head up. 

  "Yeah, it's all over now." I sat up right in the chair and wiped the tears off my face.   

I sighed and said, "That was horrible."   

"Yeah it was. But don't worry, it's okay now" Said Harry. 

  The rest of the way home was somewhat quiet. We listened to music and sang along to a couple of songs. But other than that none of us talked much. We pulled up to Louis's house and waited for Lou to pull up behind us. Once he got there, the four of us got out of the car.  Jacki ran over to us, "Did you guys see the accident! Holy shit." 

  "Oh yeah, we saw it. And Lacie started crying." Laughed Shayla.

 'Oh my god, I cried too." Said Zayn walking over to us.   

"Did you really?" I asked.   

"No. What do you think I am? A puss?"   

I stuck out my tongue at him and we all started laughing. We walked in the house and Megan and Liam were sitting on the couch. The two of them looked up at us and I could tell Megan had been crying.   

"What's wrong? What happened?" Asked Zayn.  

"Nothing, me and Liam just had a nice talk." Answered Megan.   Harry asked Megan if he could talk to her, and they went outside. Zayn walked into the kitchen along with Jacki, Shayla, and Niall. I walked over to Liam and sat down on the couch next to him.   

"Hey, you alright?"   

"Yeah. It's just.. Danielle and I, we got into a fight. We broke up and I just hate myself."

  I hugged him, "Don't say that, Liam. You have no reason to hate yourself. Couples fight. Trust me, you're perfect. And you have nothing to worry about."   

At this point he started sobbing. "Stop crying please. Oh God I hate when people cry. Listen, you're going to go out with the boys tonight and have a good time. Ok? You can forget about everything that happened today and just enjoy yourself. You deserve it."   

He pulled back, "Thanks, Lace. It means a lot. Sorry for that just now."   

"Don't be sorry. It's okay." I hugged him again and said "If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm always here for you. Ok?"   

"Ok. Thank you. Same for you, too."   

"Thanks babe." 

  I heard the front door swing open and Megan yell for Zayn. 

  "Someone must be mad." whispered Liam.   

"I know, I hope she's okay."   

"Yeah, me too."   

"What do you say we go make some food?"   

"That sounds good right about now."   

Liam and I got up and walked into the kitchen to join Niall, Jacki, and Shayla. Of course Niall was already cooking.   

"What are you making, Niall?" Asked Liam.  

"Omlets, bacon, french toast, regular toast, and I think that's about it."   

"Wow, someone's hungry" Jacki said giggling.    "I'm always hungry." responded Niall.   Harry walked into the house, swinging to door open with so much force that it slammed against the wall. Niall, Shayla, Jacki, Liam, Louis, and I all gave each other the 'what the fuck' look. 

He walked into the kitchen and looked around, "Where the hell is Megan?" He looked pissed.   

"Upstairs with Zayn, mate. What's the matter?" Said Niall.

  Harry ignored Niall completely and started walking upstairs. "MEGAN!" he yelled.   

"What's up his ass today?" I asked.

  "I have no idea." Said Shayla.   

We disregaurded what had just happened and contined talking. The food smelled so good, and I was startved. Zayn came back downstairs and went in the fridge to get a drink. He let out a sigh, "Oh goodness."   

"What happened, Zayn?" Asked Jacki walking over to him and putting her hand on his shoulder.

  "Nothing, it's not my story to tell."  

"Oh. Okay."    Jacki walked into the other room and sat on the couch.   

"Food's almost ready you guys!" Said Niall.   

"Thank God."   

"Zayn, are you eating?"  

"No, thanks. I'm not hungry right at the moment."   

"Okay mate, I'll save you something for later."

  I took out five plates and put them around the table. One for Jacki, one for Shayla, one for Niall, one for Louis, and one for myself. Niall then put all the food in the center of the table and called out, "Jacki! Time to eat! Get in here!" She walked into the kitchen wiping her eyes. Had she been crying? I hope not.   

We all sat around the table, Niall on my right, Shayla; my left. Next to Shayla at the head of the table was Lou, Then Jacki, and Zayn. We were all enjoying ourselves when Niall decided it would be cool to take two straws and stick them up his nose. "Look!" he said, "I'm a walrus!" We all cracked up laughing. Just then Harry walked in and just looked at Niall and shook his head. Niall grabbed his glass of Orange Juice and said, "Hey guys, watch this." We all looked over to him as he stuck the straws into the glass in inhaled threw his nose. Niall jumped back and yelled "Holy shit that burns!" Louis, Liam, Zayn, Jacki, Shayla and I all laughed so hard. Harry smiled a little bit, but he looked as if something was bothering him.   I shrugged it off and continued laughing.

"You're so stupid, Niall." I said giving him a slight smack on the arm.

"Shut up." He said playfuly, winking at me. We spent the next half hour or so downstairs eating. All talking and having a good time.

At about eleven Zayn stood up, "I'm gonna run to the store. Does anyone want anything? Or does anyone want to come?"   

"Yeah, I'll come." I said putting my napkin on my plate and standing up.

"You coming, Niall?" I asked turning to face him.

"Nah, I think I'll stay here and take a nap or something.

"Alright, we'll be back soon!" I kissed him on the cheeck and walked upstairs, "Let me just grab some stuff really quick." I said.   

I peeked in on Megan and saw that she was asleep so I didn't bother waking her up or anything. I just quietly closed the bedroom door. I went back into the room where all my things were and threw on a pair of jeans and a zip up sweater. I ran into the bathroom and brushed my hair and teeth, and fixed my makeup.   

"You look beautiful." I heard a voice come from behind me. I turned around to see Niall standing there.

I laughed sarcastically and said "And you're hilarious." Turning back to the mirror. Niall walked up behind me and put his arms around my waist. He kissed my cheek. "No, really. You are truly beautiful." I looked at him and didn't say anything. He kissed my lips and I got chills throughout my entire body. I turned so we were face to face again, and kissed him some more. Niall ran his hands threw my hair and softly bit my lip. I pulled away and said, "I have to go. Let's finish this a little later." I kissed him one last time and walked past him going downstairs.  

"Let's go, Zayn!" I hollered.   

"He's in the car already." Louis said stuffing a piece of cake in his mouth. I giggled and said Ok. Once I got to the car, I bucked up and asked, "So, where to first?"   

"Well, I thought maybe we could just drive around for a little while and talk. If that's okay with you." 

  I looked at him kind of confused, "Sure, yeah. That's totally fine." I said.  We drove in silence for about five minutes. I turned to him and said, "Ok. So what's wrong?"  

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