Broken Hearts & Last Goodbyes. Lacie's P.O.V

Lacie's Point of View of the book, 'Broken Hearts and Last Goodbyes' written by Megan Jones.
Four best friends go to London for the summer and end up meeting the boys of their dreams. Literally, the boys they have dreamt about for years. Everything starts going great. Then people are betrayed, fights break out, tears are shed, and people change. The summer ends up being nothing like we expected.


3. Breakfast with the Boys.


The alarm clock went off at 6:30. The three of us jumped up so quickly I fell off the bed. We started laughing, and then we all suddenly stopped. We just looked at each other. 

"You guys. We're going to be in London in like, 20 hours." Shayla said. Screams escaped our mouths and we jumped around hugging each other.

There was a knock on the door and Megans dad popped in.  "Glad to see you guys are up! Are you all excited?!" 

"YES! OH MY GOD! AHH" we all yelled.

"Okay then, get ready! We're leaving in a half hour!" Mike said with a smile on his face.

girls and I got ready, did our hair, brushed our teeth, and checked to see if we had everything we needed.  We were walking out Megans house at 7:02 and got in the car to go to the airport. I called my parents, the other girls did as well. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts and got coffee's. I had falled asleep for a little while and woke up when we got to the airport. 

Everyone got their things from the trunk. We said goodbye and thank you to Mike, got our tickets and went to find where we were supposed to go. 

The airport was huge. It looked a lot than yesterday now that I was the one going through it searching for where I had to be.  We finally found the area of our flight and went through security and such. 10:30  came around and the intercom said "Flight 92 to Heathrow, London. Now boarding."

Jacki, Shayla and I took deep breaths and gave eachother one big hug. 

"Here we go." Jacki said.

"Yep, here we go." I repeated.

The ladies that we handed our tickets to were very pleasant, they explained where to go to us, and were just all around nice people. We got on the plane and found our seats.  After everyone was on board we all got buckled in and the flight attendant made his speech on what to do incase of an emergency and such. 

Take off was the worst. It was so bumpy, and I was scared. But when we reached a good height it got better.

The flight was 14 hours long. During that time the girls and I talked, read, watched movies, switched flights twice, and slept.   After what seemed like an eternity, the attendant came on the intercom and said to get ready for landing. The three of us held hands but said nothing. 

The plane landed fine, we got all our things, went through security and waited for Megan to arrive. 

"You guys. We're in England right now. We're in the same country as One Direction. We're in the most beautiful place ever." I said crying.

"I can't wait to see Megan. Oh my gosh."

We started walking around when suddenly we spotted her. Our bestfriend, we screamed her name and ran over to her as fast as we could. We almost killed her when we ran into her hugging her and shouting. I was so glad to see her again. We all started crying and laughing. 

We grabbed all of our things and got in the car, it was like we had been together the whole time. It was perfect.

Megan said "we're getting dropped off at someone's house as soon as we get into Doncaster." 

Wait what?  "Wait, who's house!?" I said to Megan.

"Her name is Lottie. She just turned 15 yesterday and I met her and her brother and his friends at her birthday party. All their families were there, and they're sweethearts." She replied. 

Jacki asked the same thing I was thinking, "Wait so are we hanging out with her or the boys?"

"The boys." Said Megan smiling. "They're the sweetest, I promise you'll love them" 

We got into Doncaster finally and pulled up to this really adorable house. Megan got out of the car to make a phone call.

I woke up Shayla and we got out of the car as well. "Leave your things in the car, I'll take care of them when I get back. Have fun today you girls." Megans mom said to us witha huge smile on her face. 

"Thank you so much, Darlene." Said Jacki. "We love you."

"I love you girls, too." She replied. "See you later!" 

We watched her as she drove off.

We all walked up to the door together and walked in. Instantly it smelt like some type of cologne. I thought I used a lot of spray, but this was like a cloud of really nice smelling man's cologne had just been sprayed in your face. 

We sat on the couch and started to watch tv. The channels were so weird in London and I had no idea what it was that we were watching. 

Out of no where I heard a noise coming from the kitchen. Cabinets opening and closing, the faucet running, and someone walking around. 

"Is that one of them?"   

"What do you think?" 

A voice came from the kitchen and said "Hey Megan do you want anything while I'm out here?" 

"No thanks! Come out here and meet Jacki, Shayla, and Lacie!" oh. my. god. oh. my. fucking. god. I thought to myself.

I looked at Shayla with wide eyes and then turned my head to Megan. 

"Is he Irish?!"

"Yeah. He's the only one." 

"Like Niall!" 

"Yeah. Exactly like Niall." 

The mysterious man in the kitchen talked again, "Oh shit. Nearly forgot you were bringing those girls today. Haz told me but it must have slipped my mind, I just woke up."

Once again I gave Shayla and Jacki funny looks.  "Let me run upstairs and change! I'm in my boxers." Said the voice from the kitchen. 

I looked at Megan and quickly said "Well they can't be that comfortable around you already!" 

"Yeah, well we got really close last night. It's strange how you can love people and become close with them in such a short time." 

Before I could say anything else there was footsteps running down the stairs. Then more amazingly hot, accented, voices. 

"Hey babes!" 

"Hey beautifuls!"

We looked to see who it was coming down the stairs and my heart fell so fast it nearly hit the floor. It all made sense now. I felt as if the room was closing in on me. I held my breath and closed my eyes real quick to see if I was dreaming. I felt as if I had just been told some horrible, but at the same time, amazing news. It was them.  I couldn't believe if what I was seeing right in front of me. Megan ran up to them and hugged them. I didn't realize it at the time but I was crying - no - Bawling. And screaming. So wasn't Shayla and Jacki.  My best friend, Megan Jones, was standing right next to THE Zayn Malik and Harry Styles.

Then came Niall and Liam running down the stairs laughing together. I stopped breathing again. I thought I was going to die right then and there in that very spot.  Megan ran over to us and hugged the three of us. 

"Please don't cry!" Said Liam.

Niall yelled at us "For Goodness sakes please don't yell!"

I tried to collect my thoughts as Megan went over to hug the rest of the boys. She walked back over to us as the boys went and followed Niall into the kitchen. 

She started talking, "Like they told me last night, don't put on any social networking sites that we're with them now or anytime for the next couple of weeks. However long they decide to stay." She took a deep breath and panned the three of us, "Okay. Now calm down. Any questions before you go and join them?"

"I don't think so." Replied Jacki. 

Zayn said from the kitchen, "Lunch time girls, ready for introductions and food?"

I felt my heart skip a beat. 

"Coming!! Said Megan looking over to the kitchen, then back to us. "Ready?" She said smiling. 

We all walked into the kitchen to see each of the boys sitting at the table looking our ways. The first thing I noticed is that there was an open seat next to Niall, so I rushed over and sat in it.

The nine of us sat around talking, laughing, eating. Louis made me laugh so hard I nearly spit out my Orange Juice. 

Great first impression, Lacie. I thought to myself laughing even louder. 

Niall and I were getting along well, so were the rest of the boys and the girls. It was like we had known each other for our whole lives. It was perfect.  

Liam shushed everyone and turned to Megan and said, "We have something to show you."

  "Are you sure?" Niall replied. 

Harry looked around the table and said, "I'm sure, how about you guys?" 

Louis, Zayn, Niall, and Liam all said together "We're sure." 

"This way." Said Harry standing up from the table and placing his napkin on his plate.

The rest of the boys followed and stood up. As did us four girls. We gave each other puzzled looks, and I'm sure all of us were thinking the same thing. What the fuck?

As we all walked outside Niall came up behind me and put his hands over my eyes. I almost peed my pants. THE NIALL FUCKING HORAN was touching me.  I'm guessing the boys put their hands over all of our eyes.

I whispered to Niall, "What is it?" 

"If I tell you I'd have to kill you." He replied in my ear.  

"Real funny, Niall."  "Don't worry, Lace. You'll see!"

"Open your eyes girls!" Shouted Liam. 

Niall uncovered my eyes and it took me a minute to realize what I was looking at. Then it hit me like a freight train. The girls and I just grabbed each others hands like we used to back in our Sophomore year of Highschool. We all immediately started crying, not saying anything. I couldn't believe this was actually happening. 

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