Broken Hearts & Last Goodbyes. Lacie's P.O.V

Lacie's Point of View of the book, 'Broken Hearts and Last Goodbyes' written by Megan Jones.
Four best friends go to London for the summer and end up meeting the boys of their dreams. Literally, the boys they have dreamt about for years. Everything starts going great. Then people are betrayed, fights break out, tears are shed, and people change. The summer ends up being nothing like we expected.


5. Alone with Niall


I woke up to my phone going off. Before I checked it I went pee. I crawled out of bed trying not to wake the other girls. When I got back I accidentally stepped on Shayla's ankle. She woke up, and then so did Jacki. We started laughing. Surprisingly Megan slept right through it. I looked at my phone and saw that it was from Niall. 

"Mornin beautiful. Cant wait t see you today! :) x" 

"Aww." I said smiling. 

"What? What is it?" Shayla asked. 

I showed them the text and they both 'Aww'd" At the same time. 

"So, what happened with you guys last night anyways?" Asked Jacki.

"Aw damn." I replied.  It took me a while to explain everything and by the time I was finishing up, Megan woke. 

"Goodmorning" Said Jacki. 

Megan checked her phone and I replied back to Niall saying,

"Aw, goodmorning to you too! And I can't wait either. <3" 

Megan looked up at us and had a certain look on her face.  "What?" Shayla asked.  "Harry wants me to call him. He said the boys have a great idea."

"Well then call him!" I yelled. 

As she called him I went downstairs to grab a drink. I called my mom as well to check in with her, and tell her how everything is going. I told her about the boys and everything. She didn't believe me at first, but then she started crying. 

"Lacie, I'm so happy for you." She said sniffling. "I love you so much."

"I love you, too, Mom. Never forget it." 

"I wont baby girl, promise." 

After we hung up I was walking back up the stairs and I heard the girls screaming. I ran up there as fast as I could and Jacki said "Get ready! We're going out to eat with One fucking Direction."

  I practically threw my glass of water on the floor and dove for my clothes. Fifteen minutes later we were all dolled up and heading downstairs to greet the boys. They pulled up and my heart started racing. They got out of the car and  Niall looked so fucking sexy.

He was wearing tan pants, a white shirt, with a black sweater over it. 

"Yum." I whispered.

  "What?" Said Jacki.

"Nothing."  As they walked up to us Niall was the first to hug me. 

"I missed you." He said. 

"I missed you, too." 

"Let's go." He grabbed my hand and I followed him to the car. Jacki, Zayn, Lou, Shayla, Megan, and Harry were behind us. Megans mom called Megan back, so she went to talk.  Louis said that Harry and Megan would just meet us there.

 "Where are we going to eat?" Asked Shayla. 

"Liberty bar and grill." answered Liam. 

When we got there and the waitress asked us how many people there were. We told her that there was seven and we were waiting for two more. She got us a long table, I sat next to Niall obviously. Zayn sat next to me, followed my Jacki, then Liam. On the other side was Shayla, Louis, and three empty chairs. 

"Does anyone know what they want yet?" Asked Zayn.

"Bud, we just sat down." Laughed Louis.

"Yeah but I'm fucking hungry." He replied. 

The table started to laugh and I noticed that these two girls from the next table over were staring.  I leaned towards Niall and told him. He stood up and walked over to them. 

"Hello there, lovely ladies. How are you doing today?" He said. 

They didn't say anything. The other boys just watched laughing. One of them screamed and jumped up nearly knocking Niall over.

She hugged him and screamed "Oh My God I love you so much, can we get married!? Please?" 

"Sure thing babe." He replied.

The other girl got up and walked over to where we were all sitting. She looked Liam straight in the eye and said "I want you to have my babies." 

The whole table started cracking up. After a few minutes talking to the girls, and getting pictures they went back to their table. We ordered our food, and we also ordered food for Megan and Hazza as well. Just then they walked in. 

"It's about time!" I said waving them down. 

They sat down and we told them about the girls. We all laughed together, and just talked about life. The food came, it looked; and tasted amazing. While we were almost done eating we heard another scream. Three girls came running over to the table asking for pictures. The boys agreed and got up to take them. I watched as they took about ten different photos. 

Jacki, Shayla, Megan, and I started making some small talk when one of the girls said "Wow you girls are gorgeous. So lucky, are you family members?"

Before either of us had the chance to answer Harry said "No. Just really good friends."

"Oh, well you guys are so lucky. They are amazing guys."

"I know." Said Megan with a smile on her face.  We all finished up eating and got ready to leave. Niall pulled me close and said "Let's ride with Harry and Megan, ok?" 

"Okay, sounds good." I said smiling. 

He kissed my forhead and grabbed my hand. We walked to Harry's Range Rover and just waited. The other two girls, and the three boys went in Lou's car and drove off. 

"Meet you at the house!" Said Louis out the window. 

Megan and Harry gout outside and let us in the car. Niall and I got in the back of Harry's car and he had bumped his head on the door.  I couldn't contain myself from laughing. 

"Are you okay, babe?" I asked. 

He gave me a look. 

"What?" I said.

  "You called me babe." 

"Is that a bad thing?" 

"No, not at all. It was just unexpected."

"Oh, I'm sorry." I said releasing his hand from mine. 

He grabbed it again and turned my head with his hand.

  "Lacie, don't be sorry." He kissed me softly and I could feel myself start to smile. 

Megan and Haz got in the car and we started to drive off. It took about ten minutes until we pulled back up to Louis's house. The four of us walked inside to see that they were all in the kitchen. It smelt like they were making brownies. 

"We're going to watch a movie." Said Megan.

"Want to join?"  I looked at Niall waiting for him to answer.

"No thanks, we'll just go up to my room." 

Megan and Harry laughed, "Okay." She said giving me the 'tell me everything' look. 

Niall and I walked upstairs and went to his room. 

"Wow." I said under my breath sitting on the edge of his bed. 

He took off is sweater and his shirt.

"Wow." I said again, this time a bit louder so he would hear me.

"Do you want me to put it back on?" He said laughing. 


He walked over to me and brushed the hair out of my face. He bent down and kissed my lips. It was a different kiss than the ones before. It was an intense kiss. The kind you usually see in movies. I backed up on the bed so he didn't have to keep standing. He knelt down on the bed and continued kissing me.  I couldn't believe this was actually happening. I was making out with the Niall Horan. I had dreamt about this since I could remember. It was everything I had imagened. It was so perfect. HE was perfect. 

He pulled apart and said "I don't want to rush into anything." 

"Yeah, that usually never works out too well." I said pushing my hair behind my ear.  I layed down and he layed next to me. He wrapped his arm around my waist and kissed my ear. We had drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up Niall was gone. I looked at the alarm clock and it said 5:13 pm. I had slept for four hours.  I checked my phone and saw that Niall had texted me about 45 minutes earlier.

"Everyone is out, come downstairs."  I took my time getting up. I had to pee, so I did that first. Then I checked to see how my hair and everything looked. As I was heading down the stairs I heard music playing. It was The A Team by Ed Sheeran. I could hear Niall singing along. I started to giggle, and tried to be as quiet as I could. I smelt food as well. I stood in the door way of the kitchen to see him cooking on the stove and dancing. He was using the spatula as a microphone. I took out my phone and started to record him. He didn't notice for a good minute or so. 

"This is definitely going to be black mail." I said walking over to him. 

He jumped and dropped the spatula on the floor. 

"Holy shit. You scared me. And you recorded that?"  "Well, not all of it. But I got some of it."

  "Please delete that. If the mates saw it they would never let me live it down." 

"Now why would I ever show anyone?" 

"I don't know, why would you?"

Before I could said anything he pulled me in for a hug and said "Glad to see you're finally awake. I hope you like Spaghetti." 

"Obviously, Niall. I'm Italian." 

"True that, bro." He said. 

I walked to the chair and sat down. It smelt so good.  He continued on dancing and singing and I texted Shayla to see where they all went. She said that they had gone out for ice cream. They were going to invite Niall and I, but they didn't want to wake us up. I told her to bring me back some Cookie Dough ice cream. My favorite. 

"My heart's a stereo, it beats for you so listen close." Niall started to sing. My phone fell to the table and I almost stopped breathing. I remembered watching him sing this in the Tour DVD. I remembered how every time I heard this song I thought of him. He grabbed my hand and pulled me close. He started to sway back and forth and I laughed. 

"What are you doing, Niall?" I asked him.

"What does it look like I'm doin'? I'm dancing with you." 

"Well duh, but why?"

"Because I want to."  We didn't say anything else. We just kept dancing until two more songs had passed. The timer for the spaghetti had gone off. We parted and he took it off the stove. I sat back down and just smiled. 

I looked up at him, "It smells delicious." 

"I know." He said in a sarcastic way. As if he was bragging about him being a good cook. He put some on a plate and brought it over to me. 

"Thanks, babe." I said grabbing his hand. 

"You're welcome, love."  He got his plate and sat down next to me. We talked about a bunch of things. I told him about my family, and how much I hated it. I told him about how the girls and I became best friends. And about everything that has happened to my in the past.  He also shared things with me. It was so cute. I started to cry and he wiped the tear from my face. 

"Babe, don't cry. Please." He said looking at me. 

"I'm sorry, it's just so hard. I never would have thought that this would be happening. Good things don't happen in my life. And now the best thing HAS happened. I got to not only meet you, you made me food. And I've kissed you. And it's just so perfect. In all honesty, I thought you were going to like one of the other girls. Not me. I feel like I'm not good enough for you and it breaks my heart. I feel like I'm not good enough for anyone. Jacki, Shayla, and Megan are so much prettier than I am. And I don't know...  Everything is just going so great, Niall. And I don't want this summer to be over because then I have to go back to my shitty life. I don't want this to just be some summer fling. I don't want to stop talking once you boys go back on tour. I want you to stay in my life more than anything in the world."  I saw a tear fall from his eye, which made me cry even harder. "Niall, why are you crying? Stop that. Don't cry because of me." 

"It's not because of you. It's because that was one of the most amazing, heart-felt thing anyone has ever said to me. Lacie, I would never stop talking to you. I couldn't. You mean a lot to me. And I don't know why, but I feel so good when I'm with you. You make me smile and you just make me be in a better mood. You are so perfect. And never let anyone tell you differently. I promise to always be there for you. I promise that whenever you need a hug, I'll be the first one to jump up and give it to you. Please, don't look down on yourself. You are beautiful in any way possible. I don't know what I would have done this summer if I hadn't met you. I probably would have sat around and ate or something. I don't know, but I'm so glad that I met you. Now please, stop crying Lacie. For me." 

I sniffled and wiped my eyes. I stood up, put my hand on Niall's face and kissed him. It was an emotional kiss at first. The intensity grew and he stood up, grabbed my waist and lifted me off the ground. I wrapped my legs around him and he started kissing my neck. The chair fell but we just ignored it. He started to walk upstairs and when we got back to his room the both of us fell onto his bed. Still kissing, he ran his hands down my legs and all the way up. He started to play with my hair and I squeezed his arm. I started to breath heavily due to the lack of oxygen. I'm guessing he was having a hard time breathing too, because he pulled back and just looked at me. He started to kiss my neck and slowly moved his way up until he found my mouth again. I ran my hands through his blonde hair and clenched onto it as he softly bit my lip. He trailed back down to my neck, and kept going. Down more and more a little bit each time. He started to undo my belt and I pulled him back up to my face. 

"Niall wait. I'm not ready." I said almost in tears. I was so mad at myself. I turned to face the wall and brought my knees to my chest. 

"You're not?" 

I looked at him and said, "No. I'm so sorry, please don't be mad at me. It's just.. I'm scared." 

"Why would I be mad at you? Lacie, trust me. I was nervous too. I'm actaually pretty glad you said that. Because I wouldn't have had the courage to say it." He kissed my lips again and layed down next to me. We just lay like that for a while, he was rubbing my back. I didn't know what time it was, but I had fallen asleep. 

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