Love at first sight

Stella is 13 and is in desperate need of a shoulder to cry on. Her mother just died, her father is in the army and has just been deployed to Afghanistan, and her best friend just moved away! She thinks that life will never get any better, but then she chooses to run away from her house, where she is staying with her aunt, and finds herself with no money left, no food and worst of all no where to stay! She thinks that her life is over, and then she runs into the one and only Harry Styles!


4. More Bad News

About two months had past since my mom died, we decided to call off the train trip. Obviously. But I think my dad has something to tell me because, whenever he is around me, he acts nervous and like he's keeping something from me. I decided I was going to talk to him and find out what was going on.
" Dad!!" I called up to him, " can you come here? I need to talk to you, please!" when he got down stairs, he sat on the couch, that is when I asked him " dad, why have you been acting like you have been keeping something from me?" he didn't even hesitate, he just came right out and said it, " I've been wanting to tell you this for a while now, sweetie, I'm being deployed to Afghanistan, And you have to go stay with your aunt, I know things have been hard for you this year, but she is your mothers sister." when he finished speaking, I was so angry, I ran to my room and packed my bag, I guess I was really angry at him, because I couldn't wait to get to my aunts house.
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