Love at first sight

Stella is 13 and is in desperate need of a shoulder to cry on. Her mother just died, her father is in the army and has just been deployed to Afghanistan, and her best friend just moved away! She thinks that life will never get any better, but then she chooses to run away from her house, where she is staying with her aunt, and finds herself with no money left, no food and worst of all no where to stay! She thinks that her life is over, and then she runs into the one and only Harry Styles!


5. Leaving

Today is the day that I am leaving, I haven't spoken to my father since he told me that he was leaving, which was two days ago. He had to drive me to the train station, thankfully it was only 10 minutes away, to I took my pink suitcase and threw it into the back of my car. I hopped in the passengers side, and I didn't speak until we got to the train station. I looked at my father and said five words to him, " I'm sorry, I love you." then we hugged and I went to get on the train. I sat in row 2 section 3, I sat by the window and day dreamed the whole time. I fell asleep, about two hours into the ride, when I woke up I was still an hour away from my aunts house, so I decided to put my earbuds in and listen to my favorite album, it's called "Up All Night" by one direction! By the time I listened to the album three times, I arrived at the train station in England, where my aunt would ick me up. I was kind of nervous to meet my aunt, mainly because I haven't seen her for ten years because she lives in England, Im just hoping that she is nice.
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