Love at first sight

Stella is 13 and is in desperate need of a shoulder to cry on. Her mother just died, her father is in the army and has just been deployed to Afghanistan, and her best friend just moved away! She thinks that life will never get any better, but then she chooses to run away from her house, where she is staying with her aunt, and finds herself with no money left, no food and worst of all no where to stay! She thinks that her life is over, and then she runs into the one and only Harry Styles!


1. Stella

"Stella! Can u come down here for a moment?!?!" yelled my dad
"Okay..." I was wondering what he wanted, because he sounded kind of excited.
I walked down my stairs, just to find my dad sitting alone on the couch, what could he possibly be so excited about?
"Is everything okay?" I asked him with a bit of concern in my voice.
"Everything is wonderful! But I have a surprise for you!" at this point my dad was standing and using many hand gestures because he was so excited.
"Well what's the surprise?!" I was also excited because I wanted to know what the surprise was.
"well, since your birthday was last week, and you didn't want a party, I decided to send you and your friend Ashly to new York on a train, but yu have to be very careful, I already talked to her petents and you leave tomorrow!!"
"Oh My God!!! I'm so excited, I have to go pack!!"
"well first your mother is going to take you to the bank to get you a bank card." he said
I went upstairs to get my purse and then got in the car with my mom, and we left.
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