Middle school years

This is the life a middle schooler. What goes on and happens to her. Including what happens at home.


3. March 21st

I hate Middle School. It sucks. I sorry to say i used to be one of those people  who never understood why everyone hated Middle School.  Now i get it. From girl drama, to boy drama, to everything else. It's all just Drama! Everywhere you turn it's always drama. 

Between Drama and grades makes up why people hate Middle School. Now i'm part of that group. This is how it started:

I used to have this great relationship. We were set up by friends (we are both friends with Allison).  Everyday he would come to my locker to say good morning, then he would walk me down stairs at the end of the day. On the ground floor of our school we had a special spot we would go almost everyday (atleast once a week). We would go by the stare case and  kiss. No one would bother us it was just me and Kevin. I felt like i was on top of the world. :) 

Two months later...... 

I don't know how to say it but i guess he dosen't exactly feel the same way about me as i felt about him. Our relationship is that he walks me downstairs once a week  to kiss but other than that he just walks  me downstairs then we talk over text. He barley talkes to me in person anymore. I relationship is just kissing. I mean don't get me wrong thats great any everything but i would still like to talk once and awhile atleast. 

Relationships are just complicated i guess. How do you really know when you love someone?

It just so happens to be me and Kevin's anniversary today. We've been together for 2 months and i guess that's a long time. I'm starting to think maybe we should break up. I mean i could  go makeout with any guy, but i can't date any guy. What i mean is that relationships are supposed to be about communicating (and other things too). Well as you can tell Kevin and I aren'texactly communicating very well. 

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