Middle school years

This is the life a middle schooler. What goes on and happens to her. Including what happens at home.


2. March 20th

Here I am in my Spanish class once again. Another day where I don't learn anything.Usually i just think, about everything and anything, from food to my life. Take today for instance, I thought about Middle School. Why is it that people always get lables, that follow them for the rest of their lives. People think i'm a girl whose not smart, but yeht is in all the highest classes. A girl who doesn't comprehend anything anyone says. One of those "just  pretty faces", without the pretty part ofcourse.  Obviously, all of that isn't true, but i can't control what people think. That's Middle School for you. If i thought about people like that this is what i'd think of some of the people i know:

-Briana: A backstabber thats  not a good friend

-Liz: loyal,copy-cat friend

-Allison: Anoying bitch

-Hannah: Good friend, but hard  to tell what she thinks

-Isabella: moody bitch, that no one likes

-Matthew: good but wierd friend (in a good way)

-Bryan: anoying ass kid

See what i mean? Why do people have to have lables? It just seems plain stupid. People should be able to be themselves and not live up to  a reputation. I know this is corny, but it's true! People should just be equal. Except that will never happen because people are just stubborn. They think their eway always has to be right. I even admit that i myself do that sometimes, but it's plain and simple. Why can't we all just suck it up and get along. 

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