A Summer To Rember

Tori is a 17 year old girl, her 19 year old cousin, Ariana Grande has a friend, named Niall, Niall Horan, VIA her brother Frankie. Tori's 13 year old sister LOVES ONE DIRECTION. Why Tori has never seen anything but there one song what makes you beautiful. When she meets Niall on a vacation at Niall's house, what will happen. Will she fall for him? Or will he fall for her? Will nothing happen at all, find out in A Summer To Remember.


8. Too Girly!!!

When I came out of the room I looked into a mirror. My hair was normally brown... It still was. But only now it had blue tips to it. And she added on a blue headband. On my face I had bright pink eyeshadow. Bright red lipstick. And black mascara. My outfit was a pink dress and a pair of high heals. "Ok the hair besides the headband is fine like the blue I love but too girly." I said complaining to Ariana. "Just let me go into your closet I'll find something." I pushed her out of my way. In her closet I pulled out a pair of short denim shorts. A striped pink tank top. With blue yellow white pink and read stripes. Over that I put a Hollister sweatshirt. I put on a pair of pink toms and showed Ariana. "Ugh ok if you like it ok now your now and makeup." "I got it" I protested. I walked back into the makeup room. I used a makeup wipe to take of the makeup I put eye shadow on but it was like my skin tone. I put some lipgloss on. I walked back out. "And what about your hair?" Ariana asked. "Oh! It's fine!" she rolled her eyes when I said that. "Ok then call him." Ariana tould me. I took out the sheet of paper and typed in the number
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