A Summer To Rember

Tori is a 17 year old girl, her 19 year old cousin, Ariana Grande has a friend, named Niall, Niall Horan, VIA her brother Frankie. Tori's 13 year old sister LOVES ONE DIRECTION. Why Tori has never seen anything but there one song what makes you beautiful. When she meets Niall on a vacation at Niall's house, what will happen. Will she fall for him? Or will he fall for her? Will nothing happen at all, find out in A Summer To Remember.


5. The Tweet

| Nialls Pov ||


The girl was beautiful... Her and Ariana both were... Tori was just different. They walked upstairs to let Tori unpack. Then a little girl walks in. She was about 12 or 13. She looked a lot like Tori. They were probably sisters. She stared Josh and I. "AHHHHH NIALL JAMES HORAN AND JOSHUA DEVINE OH MY CARROTTTTT!!!" She screamed. She must've been a fan. She ran towards us we ran upstairs. Frankie pushed us in his room and locked the door. We heard someone trying to open the door. I ignored it and took out my phone. I haven't checked twitter all day I signed on we heard knocking again. "LET ME IN." we heard it was the little girl."No, you scare us majorly." I said. I taped the new tweet button and typed. -Just got chased by a 13 year old at @FrankieJGrandes house. His cousin is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Getting ready to teach @FrankieJGrande and @JoshOnDrums how to #mullingarshuffle let's do this.- I heard a door open. I heard a voice the most beautiful voice ever... Tori's. "Don't scare the guys!" Yeah it must've been her little sister. "Now go hang out with mom" I heard footsteps. I heard Ariana's voice. "Come read Nialls newest tweet." I heard. Oh crap they checked it...

-NOTE: that was the past it took place Nialls Pov from the last chapter if your confused-

-NOTE: If I don't put || ____ Pov || it's Tori's Pov -
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