A Summer To Rember

Tori is a 17 year old girl, her 19 year old cousin, Ariana Grande has a friend, named Niall, Niall Horan, VIA her brother Frankie. Tori's 13 year old sister LOVES ONE DIRECTION. Why Tori has never seen anything but there one song what makes you beautiful. When she meets Niall on a vacation at Niall's house, what will happen. Will she fall for him? Or will he fall for her? Will nothing happen at all, find out in A Summer To Remember.


2. The Airport

||Toris Pov|

We got off the plane. Ariana and my Aunt Joan were waiting there. Ari walked over. "Hey Tori!" she said twirling her beautiful red hair. "Hey!" I said hugging her."Oh, and I don't get a hug Tori, I see how it is." I wanted over to my Aunt and hugged her. "Where's Frankie?" My mom asked. "He's at home with his friends." Ariana said "Teenage boy friends." She whispered in my ear giggling. We laughed. "Ok guys ready to go?" My Aunt asked. We walked to the exit. Got in the car. "Ok we should be there in about 10 minuets!!!" My Aunt said. A few minutes later we got to her huge house. "Bri get some bags sweetie." My mom yelled at Bri "Tori you to." I grabbed my bags Ariana helped. We walked into the house. As soon as you walk in there's a Hal leading to her huge kitchen and then a huge family room with a piano. Sitting at watching tv was my cousin Frankie and his two teenage boy friends. "Hey Frankie. Come say hi to Tori or are you too cool." Ariana said jokingly. He and his friends got up. "Hey Tori." Frankie said. "These are my friends well until they go back home. Josh and Niall."
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