A Summer To Rember

Tori is a 17 year old girl, her 19 year old cousin, Ariana Grande has a friend, named Niall, Niall Horan, VIA her brother Frankie. Tori's 13 year old sister LOVES ONE DIRECTION. Why Tori has never seen anything but there one song what makes you beautiful. When she meets Niall on a vacation at Niall's house, what will happen. Will she fall for him? Or will he fall for her? Will nothing happen at all, find out in A Summer To Remember.


9. Heyyy!

"hello" the Irish voice asked. "Hey Niall it's Tori. Wanna hangout tonight." "Sorry cant. I have to go back to london being forced to." I started to cry. "Babe don't cry, you didn't think I would leave you here you wanna come?" I stopped crying. "Be right back." I ran downstairs. "Hey mom can I move in with with my boyfriend." "Where does he live. Ive never met him. How old is he." "he lives is mullingar Ireland. You can meet him when he comes to pick me up. And he's 18 almost 19 and famous. I do my research." my mom looked at me. "yeah sure move in with your boyfriend hahaha" "yay" I kissed her on the cheek and ran upstairs. "Niall, Niall baby she said yes." "really, cool. One more question.  I know I just met you. I love you. Your beautiful. Tori. Will you marry me?
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