Never Dieing love

A girl named Jessica is living an ordinary life but befor she knew it her life changed when she met an Irish boy who changed everything


1. Where it all started

One day there was a girl named Jessica Georgia. She was the ordinary girl average height, brown hair, and blue eyes. She was 16 years old from north Ireland. Now she wasn't very popular and no one at school really liked her cuz he was the new kid. The only friend she actually had was a gorgeously handsome boy named Niall Horan they were best friends and they loved hanging out together. They were such great friends but little did Niall know that for the past 3years Jessica has had a humongous crush on him and wanted to ask him out so much but didn't want to get rejected. She was sure he liked her too but didn't know for sure. Then it was August 29th 2010 and she finally Got the courage to ask him out. The he told  her right befor she was about to ask him out that he was going to the X-factor and he would be gone for a long time. That night Niall took a plane to the additions and Jessica cried herself to sleep. "How could I be so stupid to wait this long now he's gone and I can never date him and he will never know how I feel!" she watched him on the X-factor every episode. Then at the end off the season he became famous with  four other boys named Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Harry Styles. They became best friends and went on tour. Then finally after all the waiting their tour came to Ireland. Jessica got back stage passes and talked to her long lost love Niall and she finally told him how he felt. And guess what... HE LIKED HER BACK! So they went on a date to the best restaurant ever and that restaurant Nando's. It was the end of the night and Niall had to continue the tour but befor he left he walked dear Jessica home kissed her light as a butterfly gave her a dozen roses 11 real and one fake. When he left whispered in her ear "I will love you until every last rose dies". And then he got in the tour bus blew a kiss and disappeared for another year. As you know six months ago Jessica's true love Niall left on his tour. Ever since then she has been trying extra hard to keep at least one of the 12 roses alive. And since he left her that night 8 of the twelve roses have died and she only has 4 left but she still doesn't know that there is a hidden fake rose in the four
That are left. She hasn't stopped thinking about him since there date. "I hope he doesn't find someone else on 
Tour." she said depressed. But he doesn't know what Niall is thinking ether. So Niall is on his tour being depress beyond what you could ever imagine. "Hey, Liam do you think she will wait for me like I'm waiting for her?" Niall asked looking at Liam with wide eyes full of hope. "Well Niall of she really loves you like she does she will wait for you." So Niall was happy again because the other members of the band (one direction) cheered him up and got him to think positive. Another two months passed and Jessica was left with two roses left and was very up set because it won't take long for the roses to die and as the roses die the more hers and Niall's love dies along with them. But she decided that Niall probly forgot about her and planed this so that he could find someone eles so she gave up on keeping them alive for him. Three weeks pasted and there was one rose left and we waited and waited for that rose to die on her to but it never did. And she didn't know why but it didn't matter because it meant their love wouldn't die and Niall was coming back next week to see her and she couldn't wait but she was nervous that he wouldn't like her anymore but she decided to forget that and be exited to see her long love. She planed everything perfect so that they would be able to finally date. Niall came home and they went on a date together finally. "So ummmm,Niall" Jessica hesitatingly said. "Yes my love."he replayed with his sexy Irish accent. "I know your in a band and your famous an all but will you go out with me I know we can make it work.?" she said in a nervous tone. "Darling I'm sorry but I have to say...YES." so from then in they were dateing for a Long time and befor they knew it they were married. Infancy I know that because I'm Jessica and me and Niall Are still very happy together.

THE END...!!!!
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