Trust Issues

Heather had a bad past with her first boyfriend and now believes that all guys are the same. When she meets a mystery guy on her ski trip who is willing to change what she thinks. Will she let this mystery guy in her life ? Maybe she will find out the meaning of true love while going on crazy adventures with this mystery guy...


4. The plan


Harry's P.O.V

When we woke up the I could only think about Louis and how upset he was last night about this girl. I had to keep my promise to Louis and help him get him the girl of his dreams. "Louis do you know what room this girl is in?" I asked himacross the room. "Her name is Heather and yeah she is in room 104" he said. " I'll be back" I said I was walking out of the room. I noticed that her room was just down the hall. Before I walked in I herd to girls talking. "That is the cutest thing any boy can say"."Yes I know and I think I feel the same but I just can't do this." I felt bad snopping around so I just knocked. When a girl with light brown eyes and the cutest smile I have ever seen. "Hey are you Heather?" She hadn't responded. I guessed she was in shocked once she realized who I was. " Ummm no i'm Violet..." "I'm Heather" a girl with light blue eyes and long black hair. I can now see why Louis was so hung up on her. She was beautiful but her friend Violet caught my eye. "Heather do you mind if I talk to you?" "Well actually i'm on my way up the mountain so not right now please" She said as she ran out the door. I was left with Violet. "Do you know what is wrong with her?" I asked her friend. "She is just shy." she responded. "Well my friend Louis...." "Yeah I know the whole story she just told me"Vioelt said cutting me off. "We need to get them together they would be perfect" I said. "Well tomroow is her birthday, we were planning on taking her out to dinner but we can surprise her. Like instead of being me and Adam she can find Louis." She suggested. "Sounds like a great idea but who are we going to pull it off?" I asked her. "Ok well me and Adam already made reservations at a fancy Italian resturant in town so we got the reservation already set. We were going to go into town to get her a present but i guess we will go buy her a dress for tomorrow. You and Louis can come along so he can buy a tuxedo or something to wear. Atleast now you can keep my boyfriend company." she said. My heart sank when she mentioned she had a boyfreind. "Ok so i'll see you in an hour."She said as I walked back to my room. "Louis you are going to want to marry me after you hear this." After I told him the plan his eyes lit up like a little kids eyes on christmas day while he is opening his presents. He ran to get ready.

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