Trust Issues

Heather had a bad past with her first boyfriend and now believes that all guys are the same. When she meets a mystery guy on her ski trip who is willing to change what she thinks. Will she let this mystery guy in her life ? Maybe she will find out the meaning of true love while going on crazy adventures with this mystery guy...


12. Stay away!

Heather's P.O.V

It's been weeks since Louis found out that I was a dancer. We have been on plenty dates and they have been amazing. People have been notcing us and there has been pictures of us on covers of magazines holding hands. I have also been getting alot of hate on twitter. The stuff that some people say is really harsh and it hurts my feelings but I don't like to tell Louis so he won't worry. Today, Louis invited me to dinner at a very fancy resturant. "I will be at your house around 7 to pick you up angel , Louis Xxx." I read his text over and over with a huge smile on my face. "Heather!" I herd my brother shout from his room. "What Brandon!" I shouted back. " Come here love I want to show you something." I walked over to his room and saw that he was holding a box. "What is that?" I asked. " I found it in moms closet, it's filled with dads stuff." he said. Brandon was a year younger than me so he doesn't remember our dad either. I took the box from his hand and opened it. There were pictures, letters, medals from his snowboarding competitions, and at the bottom of the box I saw a little blue box."What's that?" Brandon asked when he say the blue box. "I don't know lets see." I opened the box and saw a necklace. It was beautiful. It was in a shape of a heart with dimoinds surrounding it. "Wow that is pretty" Brandon said. I just noded. We looked up to see mom at the door. "So I see you found dads box. " She said with tears in her eyes. "Mom why didn't ever tell us about this box?" I asked. "I had forgot about it and while you were on your skii trip and got it from the attick and put it in my closet." She sat down in between Brandon and I and told us about everything in the box. Aperantly our dad had wrote letters before he died to me and brandon. I dind't want to read mine now so I put it in a safe place. "... and this necklace, Your dad had bought it to give it to you Heather on your 18th birthday." I could feel a tear coming down my cheek. "I have to go get ready for my date. " I said getting up. I went and took a shower. Once I got out I curled my hair and put on a fancy black dress that went down to about my knees and it showed half my back. I put on blue heels and put on some light makeup, I also put oon the necklace. When I got ready I herd people talking down stairs. "You better take good care of her and if you don't there will be consequences." I herd Brandon say. "Of course I would nbever do anything to hurt her I love her." I herd Louis say. Louis? When did he get here. I walked downstairs and saw Louis. When he saw me his eyes widened and smile. "You ready to go?" he said. "Yup" I said. We walked outside and Louis opened the passenger door for me. "You are such a gentlemen." I teased as I got in. "Anything for a lovely lady like you." he said. I felt my face go red. We got to the resturant and they lead us to our table. We order our food and while we waited a couple of fans came up to Louis and asked for pictures and autographs. They were all over him. I was getting jealous so I decided to go to the bathroom. I was fixing my hair in the mirror when the door busted open. A groups of girls walked in and gave me nasty looks. "Stay away from Louis!" one of then said. "Excuse me ?" I replied. "You hrd me stay away from him or else." "Or else what?!" I said. They than attacked me to the ground and started punching me and kicking me. When they were done they all walked out of the bathroom laughing. I layed there on the floor motionless because it hurt. I had bruises all over my body. Suddenly someone came in. "Oh my god you are Heather, you gooing out with Louis. Whoa what happened to you?" the girl said. " A couple of girls jumped me for being with Louis, you are not going to hurt me right?" "No I could never do that you and Louis are perfect for each other." " Thanks do you think you can go get him please so he can help me.?" "Yeah no problem i'll be right back." She said as she walked out. Seconds later Louis came runnign into the bathroom." What happened?" he asked. I told him the while thing. He was really upset. He carried me up bridal style to his car and we before we drove off I yelled to the girl thank you. We drove to his apartment in silence. He was to upset. Once we got to his apartment he sat my down on the couch and wiped away some blood that I had on my face. "Thank you boo bear." I said with a faint smile. He kissed my cheek but I flinched back in pain. "Sorry angel." "Its ok." " I'm really sorry about what happened tonight we were having such a nice time." I said. "It's not your fault Heather." I just smiled. "Well I did want to ask you a question tonight so here it goes. Heather will you please be my girlfriend?" I had a huge smile on my face and crashed ,y lips onto his. "Im taking this as a yes." "Of course it's a yes." He smile so big and he kissed me over and over again. We feel asleep in each others arm. Today turned out to be really fun.

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