Trust Issues

Heather had a bad past with her first boyfriend and now believes that all guys are the same. When she meets a mystery guy on her ski trip who is willing to change what she thinks. Will she let this mystery guy in her life ? Maybe she will find out the meaning of true love while going on crazy adventures with this mystery guy...


2. Meeting each other


Violet's P.O.V


We finally got to the lodge it was so beautiful. It was already getting pretty late to be out in the snow so we headed to our room and got settled in. We were all in the same room and I shared my bed with Adam. Heather got settled in to her bed. I was worried about her. Since her last boyfriend she doesn't trust any guy that isn't her brother Brandon or Adam. I see how she looks at me and Adam. I know that she wanted to be able to have a relationship and open up to a guy like before but I didn't know what was keeping her back. Well me and Adam had decided to watch Beauty and the Beast which was my favorite movie. Soon I looked over at Adam and he was already deep in his sleep. I decided to go to bed too and in several minutes I was also asleep.


Heathers P.O.V

I woke up early the next morning super excited to hit the slopes. Snowboarding was one of my favorite things to do. Since we lived in London I couldn't go boarding as much as I wanted. So I took a quick shower and then put my hair in a ponytail. When I walked out of the bathroom Violet and Adam were also getting ready. Once we were ready we headed to the lobby to find a massive crowd of screaming girls. I was curious to see what all the fuss was about but i was more focused on hitting the slopes. I managed to slip through the crowd but I had lost my two bestfriend. I knew they were going to be fine so I headed to the skii lift to the top of the mountain. Once I got to the top I was super excited, I felt so free. It wasn't a surprise that I was the only girl on a snowboard. I was about to go down the mountain when someone bumped into me and knocked my goggles off.


Louis P.O.V

Once me and the other lads got of the bus we saw that there were so many fans waiting for us. I'm not going to complain I love all of our fans but I wish that once in a while we could get some privacy. The rest of the lads and Dani and El went to the rooms while I just threw everything on the bed that I chose and ran to the ski lift. When i got to the top it felt amazing. Right when I was about to go down the mountain I accendentally crashed into someone. "Hey watch it!" I herd her say. Her voice sounded wa soft and sweet. "Oh my, I am so sorry"I maneged to say as i helped her up. I had takem of my goggles to see better. Once she was up our eyes met. I felt a shiver go down my back and it wasn't because it was cold. "Wow" was all i could say. "What?" she said with a confused look on her face. "It's just that your eyes are beautiful." I could see that she was blushing. "My eyes! Have you seen yours they are perfect." she told me with a smile on her face. "Why thank you" I responded. "So love, you from England?" I asked noticing her british accent. "Well actually i'm from here in Canada but I moved to Londond when I was like two." She said in her angel voice. I turned to see Harry coming towards me and when I looked back the Mystery girl was gone! All i could see From her was her long black hair swaying in the wind. Great how will I find her. I didn't even get her name. How could I be feeling this way for someone I had just met. I never belived in love at fist, but now I think that it might be true.


Heather's P.O.V


"Well that was wierd" I thought to myself. Who could this guy be? When our eyes met I felt like I was in a trans. I felt like I was looking into the ocean from how blue his eyes were. They were like mine but perfect. After a while I went back to the lodge amd changed into more comfy clothesand headed to the lobby. I herd that they were giving out free hot chocolate. I was still thinkingg about what had happened with this Mystery guy earlier today. I snapped out of it. No i cant be falling for anyone. I swore I would stay away from guys after what happened with my ex boyfriend. I didn't even know him. Maybe it was love at fist sight, but I had to ignore my feelings. I was not going to get hurt again. I sat on one of the couches in the lobby when 7 people walked in. One of them took of his goggles and I noticed that he had the same eyes as the Mystery guy. When I moticed he was staring at me too. What if that was him? They had the exact eyes, and there was no way that two people had the same eyes. He seemed to notice me because when we made eye contact he smiled. I knew it was him because I felt the same way that I felt when I made eye contact with the guy on the moutain. He took of the rest of his ski gear and when I got a good look at him I noticed it was someone I would never ever in my life thought I would see in person. I couldnt belive it. It was LOUIS TOMLINSON!!!! He was walking over to me. What do I do? I was so nervous. I panicked and jumped over the couch and ran back to my room. As I ran back I could hear him saying " Wait where are you going? Come back please." I ran all the way back to my room and noticed that Violet and Adam were not back. My heart was pounding as if it was going to come out of my chest. I was a wierd feeling. I know I wasn't afraid but I guess I was in shock. I just layed on my bed and waited for Violet to come back.


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