Trust Issues

Heather had a bad past with her first boyfriend and now believes that all guys are the same. When she meets a mystery guy on her ski trip who is willing to change what she thinks. Will she let this mystery guy in her life ? Maybe she will find out the meaning of true love while going on crazy adventures with this mystery guy...


14. Interview

Louis's P.O.V

What happened to Heather she was fine one moment but then she looked at her phone and she ran out. What if she is getting hate from the fans? I went to go looking for her. I first went to her house. I knocked on the door and her brother opened the door. "Hey have you seen Heather she ran out of my house this morning and I can't find her." I said. "Oh yeah she called and sounded upset, she said that she was gonna to go to the dance studio to see if she could cheer up. " "Where is the dance stuido?" I asked. When he told me I ran to my car and drove to the studio. I got there and went inside. All the lights were of but in one room. I went and opened the door. There was Heather. She dance acrossed the room so graceful. I just stood there to watch, she didn't seem to notice me. I felt like I could watch her dance for days. She then turned around and say that I was watching. "Louis what are you doing here?" she said. " You seemed upset when you left the house and your brother told me that you would be here. What's going on?" " It's nothing Louis." she said. I knew there was something wrong. "Come on love tell me, you can trust me." "I know I can Louis, but I don't want you to worry." " Worry about what?" " People have been saying nasty things to me over twitter because I am your girlfriend, and they are really mean." "Babe, you can't get upset about it. They all just want to be in your place. Don't let them get into your head." "Louis, and I am also scared that you will find someone better than me." She said. "Heather how could you think that, you know that you are the only girl I want, and I love you." Heather started to blush after I told her I loved her and my heart just melted. "I love you too." She said running to me and jumping on me with her legs around my waist. "And I always will." I said in her ear, and then kissed her lips.

We went back to my apartment and Heather went upstairs to get a shower so I lent her some of my clothes. I went into the kitchen and saw Niall eating (no surprise) and the rest of the lads talking away with Violet. "Guys we have an interview in and hour so we have to get ready" Niall shouted with his mouth full of food."Ask Paul if the girls can come with us?" Harry told Niall. "Ask if the girls could go where?" Heather asked as she walked into the kitchen. "To an interview with us." Liam said. "I would love to but I dont have clothes." She said. "We will just run to your house before we go to the interview,but that is if Paul says yes if you guys could come." Zayn told her. "Harry!!!!Paul said that we could take the girls." Niall said and we all cheered. The lads and I got ready and we drove Heather to her house so she could get ready. She changed really fast but she looked amazing as always. Once we got to the studio the lads and I went to hair and make-up. I didn't like the make-up part. While they were putting on the make-up I made a face that Heather found very funny and she started to laugh. "We need the boys on stage in 5" Someone yelled. "So how is this going to work?" Heather asked. "Well first we sing WMYB, then we sit down and get interviewed." I responded. "Sounds easy." "Yeah."


Heather's P.O.V

I was backstage with Violet while the boys were singing and Louis kept looking over. I kept making funny faces to make him laugh on stage. He found my faces amusing. "They are amazing." Violet said. "Yeah I know." Once the boys were done preforming the interview started. It was mostly the same questions as always. Then ofcourse they asked about the girlfriends. "So who are the ones that are no longer available." the interviewer asked. All the boys except Niall raised their hand. "What are your ladies names?" She asked. "My angle's name is Heather." Louis said with a smile on his face. "My lovly lady is Violet."Harry said I looked over at Violet and she was blushing. "Mine is Danielle." Liam said "and mine is Perrie form Little Mix." Zayn said. "I have herd that Heather and Violet are backstage." The interviewer said. "Yes they are." Louis said. "Well why don't we get them out here." She said. "Great idea we will go get them."Harry said. Louis and Harry got up and went backsatge to where we were. "Louis I can't go out there." I said "Ofcourse you can." He said right before he and Harry put me and Violet over there shoulders and walked back out. Everyone was saying "Awwww" When they put us down on the couch and gave us a kiss on the cheek. "So you and Heather and you are Violet." she said. "Yup" me and Violet said at the same time. "How is it going out with two memebers of the biggest boy band?" "She asked "Well its pretty amazing, Louis is just so good to me and has helped me get through some tough times. And I really love him." I said. Everyone went"Awww" I looked at Louis and he was blushing big time. "Kiss kiss kiss kiss." the crowd started to chant. Louis cupped his hands around my face and gave me a passionate kiss infront of everyone. Everyone went crazy. I could fell myself blushing. "Heather have you ever considered being a model because you are gorgeous." the interviewer said. "No I have never thought of it. And thank you. " I replied. The rest of the interview went fine and we all had amlauhg talking about some pranks that the boys have pulled on each other. Once it was done we all headed back to the boys house. "Well that was one of our best interviews dont you think."Zayn said. The boys all agreed. It was really late so we all decided to go to bed. I went to sleep with Louis. I had my face burried in his chest. "She was right you know." Louis said. "What are you talking about?" I said. "The interviewer when she said you were gorgeous. She was right." "You think so?" "Of course angel. Oh and by the way I loved your funny faces." He said chuckling. "They were amazing right." I said. Then we both fell asleep. 

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