Trust Issues

Heather had a bad past with her first boyfriend and now believes that all guys are the same. When she meets a mystery guy on her ski trip who is willing to change what she thinks. Will she let this mystery guy in her life ? Maybe she will find out the meaning of true love while going on crazy adventures with this mystery guy...


8. Good bye for now

Louis P.O.V

           Today was just amazing with Heather and Violet. "Lou I really like her she is amazing." Harry told me as we walked to our room. "You two would be perfect together." I told him. He smiled. I reached for the door but it wouldn't open. "Harry do you have the key?" "No I thought you had it." "Great now what are we going to do?" I said. We knocked on the other lads door but I guess they didn't hear us because none of them opened the door. "What if we tried Violet's and Heather's room?" Harry suggested. "It's worth a try." We walked up to their door and I knocked. Violet opened the door and smiled at Harry. "Hey we left our key in our room and we can't get in. We tried the other lads room but they won't open. Do you think we can sleep here?" I said. "Yeah sure" Violet said. We walked in and noticed that they had packed all their things and their suite cases were by the door. "Wait when are you guys leaving?" Harry asked. "Tomorrow" I replied to him. "Heather told me." I saw Heather walk out of the bathroom. Her hair was wet and she was in grey sweats and a white tank top. She looked amazing and I just wanted to hold her and never let her go. She smiled at me. "Harry you can sleep with me." Violet told Harry. They both climbed into her bed and started to cuddle. Well they were cozy. I just took a pillow and laid on the floor with out saying a word. "Louis?" Heather said. "Yeah angel" "You can come sleep with me if you want." I got up from the floor and slid next to her and laid on my side facing Heather. She was facing me and I took her hand and just tangled my fingers with hers. "Look at them they are so cute" Said Heather.  I looked over to see Violet and Harry whispering stuff into each others ear and giggle. "Yeah" I said. I turned back to Heather and just stared at her. "What?" she said. "Nothing" she looked up at me and I started to lean in. I was just centimeters away and she turned her head and I kissed her cheek instead." Goodnight love" I said. "Goodnight."

Heather's P.O.V

I should have kissed Louis but I don't know what happened that made me turn away even though I didn't want. In no time we fell asleep. When I woke up the next day I felt a strong arm around my waist. I noticed that I was curled up against Louis bare chest.  Feeling his skin made me shiver. I kissed his cheek before I got up to go get ready in the bathroom, but as soon as I was about to get up I felt his arm pull me closer. I tried to escape but he wouldn't let go. "Good morning beautiful." He said. "Good morning." I said with a smile. He kissed my cheek. He finally let me go and I went to take a shower. I put on black sweat pants and a white long sleeve shirt with black stripes. I walked out and Louis said "You look good in stripes." "Thanks love." I said smiling. I walked over to Violet and smacked her with a pillow. "Get up we have to leave soon." She groaned and got up. Once we were both ready Louis and Harry helped us with our bags and walked us to the lobby. "I promise that once I get back I will call you so we can hang out again and maybe see a movie." Louis said. I noded and gave him a big hug. I didn't want to let go and neither did he. I felt safe in his arms. We were getting in the car when Harry yelled to Violet. "Wait!" he said running up to her. He grabbed her my the waist and kissed he gently. She was surprised but kissed back. Louis looked at me with sad eyes. What was I about to do! I walked up to Louis and put my arms around his neck and kissed him. Louis hands were around my waist and kissed me back. I can't believe I just kissed Louis Tomlinson. We met a couple of days ago and now we have kissed twice. Violet and I got in the car and we both said at the same time "I love him."


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