Trust Issues

Heather had a bad past with her first boyfriend and now believes that all guys are the same. When she meets a mystery guy on her ski trip who is willing to change what she thinks. Will she let this mystery guy in her life ? Maybe she will find out the meaning of true love while going on crazy adventures with this mystery guy...


5. Downtown shopping


Violet's P.O.V

I can't belive that I am going shopping with Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. After a while I herd a knock on the door . "Babe can you get the door it's probably Louis and Harry"I yelled at Adam because I still wasn't ready. Once I came out of the bathroom I saw that Adam was talking to Louis and Harry was giving him nasty looks. "Hey are guys ready to go?" I said. "Yeah, Where is Heather if you don't mind me asking?" Louis asked me. "She's snowboarding like usual. Shall we be going?" "Yeah let's go there is a car waiting for us."Harry said. The car ride was really akward because Harry kept giving Adam nasty looks but Adam did't seem to notice. Once we got there me and Adam went to look for a dress for Heather while Louis and Harry went shoppign for something for Louis. "Go get you stuff while we go buy something for Heather and we will meet her in and hour." We all agreed and went our seperate ways. Adam and I walked for 10 minutes wgen we found a store that caught my eye. I was looking through dresses when I herd Adam say thay he found the perfect dress. "Hey babe what about this one"he said while handing me the dress. It was perfect for Heather. It was a short white dress. From the waist down it was a little poofy intil mid thigh, and from the waist up it was covered in colorful glitter. We bought that dress and a pair of pumps that went with the dress. We were set to go.


Louis's P.O.V

I can't believe that we are going to surprise Heather tomorrow. "What should I wear?"I asked Harry sound like a girl. "Why don't you wear suspenders?"he suggested. I was so nervouse for tomorrow. When I looked over at Harry he looked upset. "Hey what's wrong mate?" I asked him. "That girl i think she is amazing but I can't do anything about it because she is with that guy." "Harry you really have to think about this, you can't just break a couple up.""Louis don't you think I know that, this is why I am so upset. I am just going to forget about it. I cant ruin your day." "Harry don't worry things are going to turn out good." I told him standing up. "So what about this?" I asked. Showing him a pair of black trousers, a black dress shirt and white suspenders. "Perfect!" He said. We left the store and went to where we promised to meet Violet and her boyfriend. They were already there. "Hey how did it go?" she asked. "Perfect we got everything he needs"Harry responded. "Can I see what you bought Heather?"I asked hopping she would let me see."Nope, it's a surprise!"She said. "Pwease!!"I said make a puppy dog face. "No, and that face doesn't work on me." "Fine." We all pilled in the car and went back to the skii lodge. "Louis i'm gonna need you to be at the resturant around 6:45. Me and Heather are going to be there around 7 ok. Then after I will leave and you two can be alone"Violet explained to me. "Yeah no problem love."


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